Parent Problems? Here’s 4 Ways To Improve Your Relationship

We've all been there.

Sometimes, it can be pretty hard to get along with your parents/guardians. We know they have our best interests at heart, but they can still say or do things that annoy us, or not really understand the point we’re trying to get across or what we’re going through. We’ve all been there. And it’s completely normal to feel frustrated, annoyed, sad or all the above, but there are things that you can do too, to help them understand your situation a little more, and vice versa too.

Talk openly

If things are getting a touch out of hand on a regular basis, it can be hard to take it down a notch. Like if you’re both used to reacting to disagreements by raised voices or slamming bedroom doors, actually sitting down to have a talk about things calmly may seem impossible. But if you can talk things through, and chat openly about whatever the problem is and how it’s making you feel, it’ll make everything better. Plus, it’ll help you mam, dad or guardian see you as more grown up than you were before. That brings the trust levels up a notch, bonus points.

Try to understand their point of view too

We’ll admit, this one takes a little practice. But when problems arise, it’s pretty easy to get tunnel vision and feel like this is the only important thing right now. We can often forget that our parents have problems of their own too. Think about their reaction to what you’re going through. Does it feel like they’re nagging you about school? Maybe they just want to know about more about how you’re getting on with your school work. Or if they don’t want to extend your curfew, they’re probably more worried about you being out late then you initially thought. Try to understand their point of view on things, it’ll help you a lot more than you think it would.

Keeping it friendly

If might help your relationship a whole lot if you’re not only going to your parents/guardians when you’re looking for something in particular, or in the midst of an argument. Keep things friendly at the best of times, make them a cup of tea and chill out together while catching up on the bake off, or simply lend a hand when they’re getting dinner ready. They’d only love it.

Talk to someone else you trust 

If there are certain things you just can’t agree on and things get out of hand, or if you’re worried over something that you really feel like you can’t talk to your parents/guardians about, it may be time to chat to someone else that you trust. If you’re in a situation where you’re not sure who to talk to, try reaching out to an organisation like the Samaritans. They’re there to listen, without any judgement or pressure. You can call them on 116 123, or even email them at