Penneys’ New €6 Athleisure Is Giving Us Serious Kylie Vibes

What a bargain!

Our fave influencers and models each have their own styles sure, but one trend we’re seeing ever where is athleisure.

Whether it’s bicycle shorts and a tank top, or a full bodysuit, nothing says Insta model quite like it.

Kylie is the perfect example. When she’s not super glammed-up for a big night out she’s chilling in some comfortable but stylish athleisure.

If you’re looking to get this style for a fraction of the price, you’ll be delighted with Penneys new range.

The store teamed up with UK designer, Bobby Abley, infamous for eye-popping, cartoon-inspired collections for a Minion themed collection.

Their womenswear is perfect for achieving that off-duty model look and is SUPER affordable, starting at just €6.

If you’re a big fan of the Despicable Me fam, you can go all out with some bright yellow options, but their grey and black offerings are super wearable!

You can pick up the top for just €6 and the shorts for just €8! Yes please!

Move over Kylie…