People On TikTok Are Losing It After Realising They’re Unable To Do This With Their Arm

Have you tried it yet?

Keeping us eternally entertained, TikTok has saved the day once again, distracting us from lockdown blues.

This time, it’s the ‘touching your shoulder’ trend that is providing us with endless hours of entertainment. Originating with TikToker Lauren Murphy, Lauren uploaded a video sharing the shocking revelation that we as humans, cannot touch our palms to our shoulders.

Demonstrating just that, Lauren showed how she struggled to touch her shoulder with her hand, eventually throwing in the towel.

@cindaliase#stitch con @murphygall non mi piace

♬ suono originale – Cinda

It wasn’t long before the rest of the app got wind on the trend, and since then it’s been popping up all over our FYP.

However, that isn’t the only ‘weird things our bodies can/can’t do’ trend that is making waves in the social media world at the minute. Another couple have discovered that males and females have different centres of gravity.

Check it out for yourself below:

@jason.rachelYouTube – Jason&Rachel #fyp #foryourpage #foryoupage #comedy #couplegoals #couple #love #viral #xyzbca #relatable #relationship♬ Rasputin (7″ Version) – Boney M.

As you can see, the challenge involves kneeling on the floor, putting your hands behind your back, and finding your balance, something women can do but men apparently, cannot.

Many professionals are theorising why men find it more difficult than women, those being that men are generally taller and heavier than women, making it harder for them to balance, and men often have longer limbs, which cause them to fall.

Whatever the science, it’s hilarious to watch! Have you tried it yourself?

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