Period Arrive Unexpectedly? Here’s How To Make A DIY Sanitary Pad

Never find yourself in an awkward situation again

Picture the scene – you’re standing in the supermarket queue, chocolate, and magazines in hand, and BAM! Your period arrives. Or, you’re sitting in class, trying your best to stay awake through double Geography and you feel a sharp cramp, which can only mean one thing.

We’ve all been there, sometimes your period shows up like clockwork each month, and other times it comes out of nowhere, at the worst possible time, throwing you off guard completely. It’s a crappy situation to be in, and even worse when you’re not prepared with sanitary items.

But there’s no need to panic too much. Even if you’re short of a tampon or don’t have any money on your to run to a pharmacy and buy sanitary towels, there are ways you can makeshift some protection that will see you through the rest of the day. Here’s just some of the easiest.

Paper Towels 

Usually when your period shows up unexpectdly the first thing you reach for to help you out is tissue paper, however paper towels are a much sturdier option. If you’re near a bathroom which supplies paper towels for drying your hands grab a couple of sheets and fold them over to fit inside your underwear accordingly. You can then take some toilet paper and wrap it around the gusset of your underwear to secure the paper towels in place.


Okay, admitedly this one’s not ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers, hey?! If you’re period suddenly arrives and you find a spare pair of socks in your posession – maybe you keep some in your locker for pe, or maybe you like to keep a spare pair in your bag anyway, who knows, we’re not here to judge! Wrapping a sock around your underwear will give you the best chance at absorbance, particuarly if you’re someone who suffers from heavy menstraution. Just be prepared to say goodbye to your sock once it’s done it’s job!

Cotton Wool 

You or someone you know may carry around cotton wool balls or pads to remove make-up with, if that’s the case grap some a make a pad with them! This can be easily done by arranging the cotton wool into a sanitary towel shape and holding it in place with some tissue paper wrapped around it.

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