Photo Ideas For You And Your Bestie

This is your sign to organise that photoshoot

Although it’s low on the list of ‘important things in the world’ getting that perfect shot with your bestie just ~hits~ different.

Capturing the moment with your best friend means you’ll have something physical to look back on in years to come, a gift for your future self. However, actually getting that right picture is another thing.

You both have the same ‘good side’, the lighting is hitting wrong, your bedrooms don’t have the right background, and your hair just isn’t cooperating – it genuinely is a struggle. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are tonnes of ways you can take pictures with your BFF that aren’t your standard bedroom selfie.

We’ve rounded up six different ideas so you can add some *spice* to your best bestie shoot.

Restaurant Shots


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Now that outdoor dining is open again, why not get some snaps next time you and your friend are snacking? You could set your phone down on self-time or enlist the help of another friend to get the shots. Make use of the props around you ie. the food, drinks, or table decorations, and incorporate them into the picture too for some fun and quirky results

Candid Shots 


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Instead of taking your pictures too seriously, why not swap a smoulder for a candid outtake? You could smile, tell your friend a joke, laugh about something, whatever makes you genuinely happy and it’ll show through in the pictures. Being posed and perfect is boring!

The Selfie But With *A Twist*

If you and your best friend are way too awkward to step outside to get some cute pictures together, you can still stick to the standard indoor selfie. Just think outside the box with it! Drape a white sheet over your curtains to create a clean background, or lie down on your best to get a different shot – get creative and have some fun with it!

Mirror Selfie


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Similar to your standard selfie, the mirror selfie is a popular one among people too, and for good reason – it works! If you have a cute outfit your want to show off, stand infront of a mirror, it could be one at home, you could drag one outside, or you could snap some cheeky ones in a fancy restaurant or public place. Lesson one in taking the perfect bestie selfie – always be on the lookout for a cute mirror.

Matching Fits’ Shot 


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Why not go the whole hog with your shoot and even wear matching outfits? You could wear the same thing, but in different colours, or mix and match with similar tones and shapes depending on what you both have in your wardrobe. We love a coordinated moment.

The ‘Busy’ Shot 


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You might need to enlist the help of a tripod or another person for this one. Next time you’re out and about while not get some casual shots of you and your best friend looking ‘busy’. You could be crossing a road, reading something, buying something, at a picnic – whatever you think looks cool.

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