Planning A Holiday? Here’s How To Save On That Splurge

Breakaway? We'll have that.

Mini breaks are perfect for a relaxing weekend or an adventure-packed trip with friends. But depending on where you go, it can be quite expensive. Here are a few savings tips and tricks to make your stay that bit cheaper, but with all the fun!

Savings, Baby!

Yes, we all know you gotta save if you want that relaxing weekend away… but the question is how? First things first, set up a savings account. If you have online banking you can easily set this up. Take a portion of your wages and pop it in weekly or monthly. The alternative and much more strict option is to set up an automatic savings account – basically meaning once you get paid, it will automatically deposit a portion of that into your savings. Also, choose your settings wisely! If you can, choose the ‘seven-day notice withdrawal’ which means that you have to give seven days notice to withdraw any cash from those savings. Alternatively, you can opt out of the notice and be free to withdraw cash at any time.

Where To?

Of course, we all have our dream destinations, but maybeee the Maldives isn’t in the budget at the moment. If you have no particular destination in mind, but just want a breakaway, go on Skyscanner and pick ‘anywhere’ as your location, then search for the cheapest month and boom! A list of locations from lowest to highest.

Snacks, Please

Do you know those moments in life where money is no object? Yeah, the airport is one of them… Our advice? Bring snacks for the plane, otherwise, you’re going to pay five or six euro for a sambo which could be spent on a few souvenirs for the fam (or just extra cash for yourself).

Get Those Discounts

If you have a student ID, pack it! Chances are there are gonna be some student discounts abroad, and we just can’t afford to pass them up now can we? Both literally, and figuratively!


Ok, you are not going to have all the info before you go, but a little research goes a long way! Explore some non-touristy locations close to your accommodation. The tourist spots are usually where people end up and can be pretty pricey! Those non-touristy areas will be cheaper plus you’ll feel like a local!

Outfit Prepping

Trying to decide what to bring on holidays is a pain, and we all know the words ‘I have nothing to wear!’. If you’re a gal who ‘needs’ a new outfit to bring away, why not try charity shops or Depop first? You’ll get a bang for your buck whilst staying sustainable.

Be WIFI savvy

Keeping that data on means your roaming charges are gonna go through the roof. If you are out for a meal, chances are the restaurant has WIFI so don’t be afraid to ask. Before you book accommodation, check that the WIFI is included in the price and not as an add on.

Words: Alannah Hanley