PSA: Hair Accessories Are Cool Again! Here’s 10 Styles To Rock This Season

Summer, we're ready for you

Hair accessories are making a dramatic comeback and we’re all for it. We’ve seen cute clips and slides creeping in for the past year but now, we’re seeing bulk clips, headbands, and bandanas all surface as we go full 90s vibe.

Adding a hair accessory to an outfit can bring it from a five to a 10 in seconds so, we’re praising their powers and counting down the top 10 you need to nab and how to style them for hot lockdown summer.

1. The Claw Clip

You might usually associate the claw clip with either your teachers or Nana, but now it’s the latest new trend we cannot wait to get involved in! Not only is it practical being able to clip your hair away from your face, but they are also super stylish. Wearing these claw clips with a cute summery t-shirt and jeans would be perfect for a summer evening!

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2. Hair Slides

Hair slides are something many of us remember from when we were little girls and they were used to keep the hair out of our face and clean when we were busy playing around. Now they have essentially the same task but instead of playing around in a school playground we’re dancing around trying to master Tik Tok moves.

Hair slides are the perfect way to keep your hair looking meticulous all day while also adding a bit of an extra something to your outfit. If you really want to mix it up you could put two of the same slide on one side of your hair for an extra dramatic look.

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3. Thin Headbands

Hair accessories are a style trend that can make or break and outfit and that particularly rings true when it comes to headbands. Thin decorated headbands are making a comeback on the fashion scene but it’s important to tread with caution when deciding which outfit to pair them with. We advise adding a thin headband instead of a lot of jewellery to a statement outfit. You could even go as far as to match pearl stud earrings to the headband below!

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4. Thick Headbands

You can get them in velvet, embellished, satin and many more styles. Thick statement headbands are back in style and aren’t showing any signs of leaving soon. These headbands are perfect for dressing up any simple outfit – jeans, a nice top, and a cute headband will be all the new rage this summer.

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5. Scrunchies

Channel your inner sporty spice by jumping on board the scrunchy trend. Not only are they super handy to have, making sure your hair is kept out of your face, the latest trend is also super fashionable. Matching your scrunchie to another statement colour that is in your outfit is one easy and subtle way of bringing your outfit to the next level.

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6. Bandanas

Bandanas are back and better than ever. Ready to style in a variety of ways, this something worth having in your wardrobe. Having a bad hair day? Chuck on a bandana and work that messy look.

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7. Clips

Another major throwback is clips. Available in every design or style you can imagine these are perfect for when you want to dress up a ponytail or feel like your hair could use that extra bit of help staying in place but you want to make it stylish.

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8. Headscarf

Like a bandana, headscarves are back and we are living for it. Not only can these be used to add a little something to an outfit, they can completely make it. These elegant additions are perfect for warm summer days, easy to tie in different ways they would look gorgeous with an open back top or dress. Look up Youtube tutorials to see what other creative ways they can be tied!

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9. Big Bows

When we first heard big bows were coming back into fashion were a little scared. We automatically imagined us all looking like JoJo Siwa. However, it turns out the bows that are in fashion are the furthest thing from. These bows are perfect to tie around your ponytail to add an elegant vibe to any outfit.

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10. Barrettes

Barrettes are something which like clips and hair slides can add an extra flair to any outfit. Pearl barrettes are still in season but why not look at the other types on the market like the gorgeous ones below!

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Words by Nicky Anderson

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