Quiz: Which Season Are You?

Are you all about spooky season, or a summer baby at heart? Find out here


As the season currently changes from summer to autumn, suddenly all of the self-proclaimed ‘spooky’ people begin to come out of the woodwork. Maybe you yourself are one of those people and sitting down with a book, drinking a spiced tea is your idea of heaven, or maybe you’re already counting down the days for next summer when you can throw on your swimsuit again and spend hours upon hours with your bare feet on the sand. We also can’t forget the Christmas people, you know the ones that have already started their present shopping, and then there are the spring ones, who own at least 12 picnic dresses, and who come alive in April to bake delicious easter-inspired goods.

Everyone has a season that best suits their personality, so why not take our quiz to find out which one you can identify with best!