Room Revamp: Eight Simple Ways To Make Your Room Your Own

It's all about setting the right atmosphere for a cosy hangout space.


Room Revamp is a series where we help you make your bedroom your dream space. Unfortunately, you can’t really go changing your kitchen or sitting room, but your bedroom is your own and it should feel that way. From simple tidying hacks to creating more space and adding touches of style to make it somewhere you love to cosy up and have your friends over to. This week, we’re looking at the making your room *feel* like your room.

Feng Shui it up

Feng Shui (pronounced as fung schway) is an ancient Chinese practice. Simply put, you can create good or bad vibes in a room depending on how you arrange it. This might sound a bit new-agey but try some of these simple tips- they actually make sense.

*Remove clutter, particularly from under your bed or in the corners of your room. It creates a buzz as it doesn’t let the good energy flow. It also gives your mum an excuse to nag. Get rid of the junk and she won’t say a word. See? A win, win situation.

*Place something inspiring in front of your desk for a boost, during your more unproductive spells. A favourite poem, a beautiful picture or even a map of the world (with the places you’re going to visit circled) will keep you stimulated, encouraged and focused. Well, for 60 seconds at least.

*Add mirrors to create the illusion of extra space (a cheap alternative would be the backs of the CDs). Stick them to one wall or cover your bedroom door for a magical mirrored effect!

New bedspread, new room

The centrepiece of your bedroom is obviously your bed. So if the duvet cover is some minging old My Little Pony thing you’ve had since you were eight, it might be bringing the tone down just a tad. Replace it with something more up-to-date and it will transform the place instantly. Go for white and use splashes of colour with loads of brightly coloured cushions or opt for something a little quirkier by opting for an interesting print and keeping the rest of the room simple.

Set the tone

There’s nothing like bad lighting to wreck the head. Especially in your bedroom where you want to either sleep, relax or study. So if the main light source is like something from an interrogation chamber, sort it out quick. Get a nice low wattage lamp for your bedside table and a decent spotlight for your desk. Your eyes will thank you.

A cosy corner!
Chill out zone

Why don’t you designate an area of your room as a chillout zone? It doesn’t have to rival Kylie Jenner’s mansion – a corner adorned with funky cushions and scented candles will do. The main thing is that it’s a separate place to chillax in when you’re feeling all “Stop the world, I wanna get off”.

Make a photo wall 

Make a photo wall to remind you of all the deadly people you know and to make your room personal to you! Be sure to include a few funny ones to give you a giggle on a Monday morning. Like your best friends, first experience with self-tanning left her looking like a walking traffic cone. Morto for her!

Work that Wardrobe

We can’t all have a walk-in closet like Ariana, mind you, we probably don’t have the shoe collection that requires one either! But you can still make the most of your wardrobe no matter how small it is.
Try the following:
Hang belts, hats and scarves over the door
Colour coordinate your clothes- it not only looks great but makes finding stuff so much easier!
Photograph your shoes and put the pics on the boxes.

Get personal

We all have drawers stuffed with an assortment of oddities we don’t know what to do with, but can’t bare to throw out. Foreign coins, Christmas cracker toys, old books, slinkies, old chargers, that sort of stuff. And then there’s all those items that we want to keep forever but are hidden away in boxes; photographs, concert tickets and Valentine’s Day cards. Why leave all that stuff to gather dust when you can use it to create a totally personal space filled with all your amazing memories? Cover your wardrobe door with all your favourite photos (include captions of time and place), concert tickets and postcards.. Before you know it, you’ll be able to charge friends an entry fee into your own personal museum.

Plant it up

We don’t suggest you cover your floor in decking, plant a tree or install a water fountain, but try to add a few plants. Not only are they great for adding colour and life to a room but they also add fresh oxygen. Just try not to go killing them.