Rosie Connolly’s Clothing Store 4th Arq Is Opening This Week In Dublin

Will you be heading into the shop?

If you follow Rosie Connolly, you probably know all about her clothing brand 4th Arq. The unisex streetwear brand is full of comfortable but chic items that fans have been obsessed with since it dropped.

Now, the star is set to open up a real-life store in Dublin.

Rosie took to Instagram stories to reveal that it’s set to open later this week!

The influencer told followers she was heading Dundrum Town Centre where the shop will be, to help the team set up ahead of their planned opening this week.

“I’m heading over to Dundrum to get stuck in, to get the shop ready. We are opening this week. All going well end of the week, I’m not going to say what time or day but yes we are opening this week,” she explained.

“This is the kind of bit that I love which is the visual side and piecing the products and the visual merchandising side of it,” she added.

The mother-of-two launched her clothing brand in December of last year, and since then has become a huge success.

She recently shared an emotional post as she prepared for the stores opening, with the caption, “Today was surreal… walking around a store and seeing your plans and visions come to life is just the most incredible and rewarding feeling!”

“Something I always dreamt of doing and had on my vision board for the last 5 years and it’s finally happening!

“4TH ARQ has blown me away, not only in terms of growth but in terms of how much I’ve grown since this launched…

“I’ve learnt so much about business, I’ve faced challenges I never thought I could and it’s made me step out of my comfort zone and just go for it! And when I say I, I really mean we because I couldn’t do this without my husband… we are a team and have grown together alongside 4TH ARQ,” she said.

She has also recently told followers that she has lots of plans for the expansion of the brand saying, ” We have massive plans for 4th ARQ and always appreciate any feedback of what you’d like to see next! We won’t be stopping at loungewear.”

Will you be popping into Dundrum for some 4th Arq bits?