Sarah Hyland Had The Best Response For A Troll Making Fun Of Her ‘Spray Tan’

Go off, Sarah

As long as social media exists, so will trolls. That’s an unfortunate fact.

Criticising everyone from normal people all the way up to A-listers, it seems that almost no-one is immune from receiving the odd nasty social media comment from time to time.

Among those dealing with mean comments is Modern Family actress, Sarah Hyland.

But in true Sarah style, the 29-year-old had the BEST response to a troll criticising her skin colour on Instagram.


Commenting on a picture of Sarah at the SAG awards, a troll commented:

“The spray tan is way too much,”

Totally unnecessary, and not even true, right?

But don’t worry, Sarah swiftly clapped back with:

“I’ll tell the actual sun to go easy on me next time I see it…”

Yass queen.

Sarah wasn’t alone in defending herself, however, as fans also quickly jumped to her aid, proving that trolling isn’t cool, and kindness will always find a way to prevail.