Shane Dawson Has Made His First YouTube Appearance Since June

Fans have mixed feelings about it


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Hugely popular YouTuber Shane Dawson has made his first YouTube appearance since June, following drama and scandals he was caught up in earlier this year.

Shane, who was once one of the most-watched people on the video platform, found himself caught up in a storm back in June of this year. Entering into a video war with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook, Shane found himself in hot water alongside Jeffree Star for their apparent mistreatment of both Tati and their other YouTuber friend James Charles.


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Aside from beauty community tea, Shane was also caught up in scandals that are much more serious than a series of ‘he said/she said’ videos. In the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement sparked earlier this summer, a lot of Shane’s old videos and behaviour was brought up among fans, with many of them (rightfully) demanding a full and meaningful apology from Shane.

In the last video he uploaded to his channel, Shane addressed and apologised for his use of blackface and racial slurs. In the video, he said that he’s unsure when or even if he will return to YouTube, and he believes that his past actions were so bad that he deserves to ‘lose it all’ all being his income, fanbase, brand deals etc.

But, it looks like Shane’s return to the video platform came a lot sooner than any of us expected, with him appearing in Fiance Ryland’s most recent upload. Seen in the video’s thumbnail and throughout the video, Ryland and Shane gave a tour of their new bedroom, which has undergone a make-over.

It should be stated however that the video is believed to have been filmed back in June before the drama really hit, and this may be the only reason he has made an appearance.

The internet has had a mixed reaction to seeing Shane in videos again, with some saying they missed him, and others branding his quick return as ‘disrespectful’.

What are your thoughts on Shane’s return?

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