Sharon Gaffka Doesn’t Think Hugo And AJ Are A Good Match

She also shared who she thinks will win Love Island.

Sharon Gaffka was the latest Islander to be kicked out of the Villa this week after Hugo and AJ coupled up.

The Love Island star now says that she doesn’t think that AJ and Hugo are a good match.

Though she and Hugo were in a ‘friendship couple’ she had a clear idea of what Hugo needs and doesn’t think it’s AJ!

Speaking about her relationship with Hugo, she said: “I did grow a really good friendship with him. I was always going to be there to back him. He was the nicest guy I’d ever met.”

She added: “AJ got the text saying she was going to pick. I knew that if she chose Hugo, I was going home. For me picking Hugo felt like an easy option for her. She wasn’t treading on toes or potentially causing an argument with the girls as much as it would have if she picked Liam, because me and Hugo were in a friendship couple.”

Speaking about whether AJ and Hugo are a good match, she said: “I’ve said to him on multiple occasions that he needs to be more open minded because your 100% perfect girl may never walk through the door. I think he gave AJ that chance but I think there are qualities that Hugo really needs that aren’t there in AJ.”

She also said that she felt that she and Aaron were a good match: “We were both very calm people. I would say I can be emotional but we’re both not erratic. We think our feelings through before we react on them. Even though I am bit more fiery than he is, he evened me out. He had a very particular type and very particular list of things he does and doesn’t like in a person. As much as I thought we were a good match, I did find that I need someone who is a really strong communicator and who will be open and honest with how they’re feeling and what they’re thinking. Whereas with Aaron, I didn’t feel like I got that. When he pulled me for a chat to call it quits, it was more just being completely blindsided. We were like the exes that kept getting back together for that one week.”

Sharon added that she thinks Jake and Liberty are going to win the show and that she saw a spark right away.

“From day one I said #Jiberty was going to win. Jake is a very attractive man and when he came down I was going to step forward but as soon as I saw him and I was standing next to Lib, I felt a completely different vibe between them two. I turned around to her and said ‘that’s going to be your man’ and I said ‘yeah, you’ll go all the way to the end.’ I said that from the first five minutes of meeting Jake.”

She added: “For everyone in the Villa, watching those two interact on a daily basis, it was a goal for everyone else to strive for. It was really nice to see Lib had found that.”

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