Shawn Mendes Just Opened Up About His ‘Beautiful’ Relationship With Camila

"A lot happens when you fall in love for the first time..."


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Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have been an adorable duo to watch over the last six or so years.

Their friendship blossomed into a relationship around 2019 and the pair have been loved up ever since.

Now, Shawn Mendes is speaking openly and honestly about his love for Camila and how it’s helped him in many ways.

“A lot happens when you fall in love for the first time, because you really feel this support, this grounded, ‘Hey, if everything goes away, I’m going to be okay’. It’s perspective, and it’s beautiful.” he told The Zane Low Show.

“And it really allows you to be like, ‘OK, well, if I’m going to do this [be a popstar], I might as well be doing it for the right reasons and really, really, really enjoying it.’ Otherwise, I’d just rather watch movies with you all day.”

He went on to talk about how the couple always puts each other first.

“You can not be the best version of a son or a brother or a boyfriend or a friend to anybody if you’re not constantly there for you, and you’re watching out for you, and you’re checking in on your heart and your space and your energy.

“And the closer you get to that clarity and that freedom within you, the more space you have for everybody else in your life. And I think that that was something that really happened over that period too, especially with Camila and I, is that we started giving ourselves a lot more time, which then allowed us to give everything more time and space, if that makes sense.”

Camila and Shawn’s relationship is a nice reminder that there is no need to rush things, the couple were friends for years and took their time getting to know each other before becoming boyfriend and girlfriend and being a really happy strong couple.


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