Simple Ways To Personalise Your School Uniform Without Landing You A Docket

It's time to think outside the box

After months of wearing whatever you want (which was mostly PJs, let’s be honest!) it’s time to get back into the uniform. 

While it’s super handy in the mornings, and so much easier and quicker when you’re still half asleep, those who like to show personality with their clothes can struggle a bit with this. However, just because you have to wear a uniform, doesn’t mean that you have to lose your personal style too.

Some schools are super strict and picky about what you can and can’t wear with your uniform but most of the time, you can find some loopholes. Whether it’s wearing your hair in a certain style, throwing on some fun shoes, or making a statement with your schoolbag there are plenty of ways to add a bit of ‘you’ into your uniform.

Here are some of our favourites.

Style Your Hair

On the days that you can be bothered, of course. If you have an extra few minutes in the morning, or the night before, why not do something a little ~extra~ with your hair? You could curl it the night before and sleep on it for beachy waves, you could slick it back with some product and go for a sleek ‘model off duty’ look, or you could go all out with a french twist.


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Another way to spice things up a little is to accessorise, but with limits ofc. While you would probably be issued a docket on the spot for rocking up with a nose ring or hoop earrings the size of a house, you should get away with more subtle accessories. Things like small studded earrings, dainty rings, and hair slides, and bandanas are cute ways to make your uniform your own, without landing yourself with a suspension.

Choose your school bag wisely

There are plenty of school backpacks that are both practical and stylish. Instead of picking up the first school bag you see for the new year, why not invest in one that fits your personal style and will also stand the test of time, so you can continue to use it for the rest of your time in secondary school.

If you’re looking for some inspo, check out our round-up here.

Step up your shoes

Most Irish schools expect their students to wear practical black or brown shoes, which doesn’t exactly leave too much room for creative freedom, but we can still try. If your school is pretty chill you could get away with a pair of black Converse or Dr. Martens.

But if your school is on the stricter side, you could play it safe with a pair of classic mary janes or loafers. Both are styles that are timeless, and if you invest in a good pair you’ll likely continue to wear them once you’re finished school too. Just search how to style them on Pinterest and you’ll be convinced.

Pin in

When and where you can, add some pins and badges to your look. You might not get away with having pins right there on your school jumper (unless it has a meaning behind it and you explain that to your teachers), but you can always add them to your jacket or schoolbag straps.

Collect badges that have meaning to you and carry them around with you for your school day, reminding you of who you are and what you like, even if you’re stuck wearing a uniform 5 days a week.

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