Skincare SOS: Face Wipes vs Cleansing Cloths

Let's get into it.

Should we be reaching for a cleansing cloth over a pack of face wipes? It’s time to be a bit blunt, YES. Yes we should definitely be using cleansing cloths over face wipes. Long story short, the majority of face wipes are just not what you need in your skincare routine. They may be handy when you’re sitting on the couch, catching up on Love Island. But we’re here to tell you exactly why you should be steering clear of those makeup wipes.

They Just Don’t Work

While you might think your face is spick and span, I can guarantee you there’s a whole lot of makeup, and even dirt left on your skin. They really do not clean your skin, mainly they just move around what’s on your skin, including any dead skin that may be lingering. That’s just not what we want at all.

They’re Chemical Heavy

And those chemicals aren’t exactly skin friendly. They tend to be quite strong, so they strip your skin of the natural oils so your skin ends up feeling irritated and even inflamed.

Spots, Spots And Spots

Because face wipes don’t actually clean your skin, and they leave additional chemicals and fragrances on your skin that aren’t naturally there. This is more than welcoming for clogged pores. Clogged pores can mean just one thing, break outs. Probably the last thing you want, because breakouts are never fun.

You can pick up a pack of cleansing cloths in Penneys for just a few euro, that way you have a couple of back ups when they’re in the wash. Another one of our favourites is the Cleanse Off Mitt. The Cleanse Off Mitt (or COM, as it’s known on Instagram) is a microfibre makeup remover designed to remove makeup and oil from the skin. It has none of the nasties that makeup wipes do, so it’s a lot better for your skin in general. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly too. It’s a win win situation.