So, Griffin Johnson Was Just Spotted On A Date With Another Celeb

It's so random it even got Tana Mongeau talking


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Griffin Johnson has seemingly had his first date since his split from Dixie D’Amelio.

Just three months after he and Dixie called it quits, Griffin has been seen leaving a restaurant in Hollywood with another celebrity. The celebrity in question is in fact Kelly Osbourne, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter.

Paparazzi got multiple pictures of the two in a car together, after enjoying a meal in LA. It’s reported that they were continually asked if they’re dating, but in true celeb style they of course ignored the questions being asked.


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However, while Griffin and Kelly looked pretty cosy together, people are assuming that it’s maybe an Addison Rae/ Kourtney Kardashian type situation, and maybe they’re actually just friends, as there is a 14 year age gap between them.

Either way, the random ‘date’ still got the attention of many people, including Tana Mongeau, who took to Twitter to ask what in the world is going on??

While it looks like Griffin has moved on, so has Dixie, as it was confirmed last week that she is back together with fellow Sway house member Noah Beck.

Well, this is a nice happy ending for both, we think?

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