So Hugo Hammond Is Now Rapping About Love Island

And it has fans divided.


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Previous Love Island contestants tend to keep themselves busy once the show ends. Some go back to their day job, while others take the time to travel the world and keep us updated on their feeds.

But very few tend to start rapping about their time on the show – until Hugo Hammond that is.

Hugo appeared in the most recent season of Love Island, and walked away from the show single. Lately, he’s been regularly posting on TikTok – videos of everything from reflecting on his time in the villa to cute videos of his dog. And now, clips of himself rapping.

Taking part in the “Open Verse Challenge” TikTok challenge, which sees users creating their own rap to duet with another user, Hugo decided to write his own about his time in the villa. Let’s dive in, shall we?

@hugo_hammond #duet with @sadiejean Still in my head 🧠 Something different 🤷🏼‍♂️ #2022 #2021 #reflect #Music #verse ♬ WYD Now Open Verse Challenge – Sadie Jean

“2022, looking back on 21, started teaching, lots of learning, it was kind of fun. Then she left me, I was feeling all alone so I signed up to that villa application on my phone,” he began.

“Hit the gym, something came, Mr H flew out to Spain. But then the summer of love turned into the summer of pain. Got the job done, flew back single, I was the same. But when I meet girls, do they want me or just the name?”

Plenty of people were less than impressed, which resulted in Hugo turning off the comments on TikTok, but he altered the caption to say that he noticed all of the positive comments too.

“For no reason at alllllllll 💀 if you don’t laugh you will cry 🤣 Don’t worry guys, I read all the love too.”

Well, will we see Hugo with a rapping career in the future? Right now, I’m guessing no… But good attempt, Mr H.