So It Looks Like Love Island Won’t Be Back This Summer

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but...


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With everything going on right now, it looks like Love Island won’t be returning to our screens this summer. While we’re not exactly surprised, we’re just slightly raging that we won’t have that 9pm slot filled each night.

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, filming has been put off for the safety of both the contestants and the crew, plus, it’s also down to the fact that everyone has to fly off to Majorca for the filming. Although the show wasn’t set to air until June, the show was in the middle of casting when everything had to be shut down. And because it’s such a popular tv show which airs almost every night, there’s a whole lot of planning involved. A lot of which just can’t be done remotely.

According to The Sun, a source said it’s “highly unlikely” that the series will go ahead as planned.

“A huge amount of work goes into Love Island and to pull everything together in a very short space of time would be near impossible. Casting aside, they need to think about all the paperwork necessary, the show’s insurance and all the tests that cast members must undergo. The team are also very conscious that if overseas travel restrictions are not lifted in time, filming in Mallorca as normal will be ruled out of the question.”

They continued, “Not to mention the risks of cast members and crew contracting the virus, or pulling out because their family members have become seriously ill. All the signs are pointing towards the show not airing.”

Well, at least we have Disney+ coming soon to fill up that 9pm slot.

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