So This Irish City Is Europe’s Most Sustainable Fashion Capital

Can you guess where?


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Now more than ever, we’re all more environmentally conscious. Especially when it comes to fashion, plenty of people are opting for pre-loved items where possible, rather than buying a whole new look every time there’s something on. It works out great for everyone, including our bank accounts and the environment.

Of course, we still love a bit of shopping here and there, but sometimes it’s just as fun having a poke around your local charity shop and finding an absolute gem.

It looks like all the effort we’re making is starting to pay off, as it turns out, Dublin has been named Europe’s most sustainable fashion capital, with Ireland as a whole coming in 4th. Woo, go us!

Searches in Ireland for sustainable fashion have increased by 9% so far in 2021, with a huge 147% increase compared to 2019. Basically, crazy numbers.

The research, conducted by online fashion retailer Zalando as it launches pre-owned womenswear, analysed online search volumes for “sustainable fashion” in European countries and cities and compared them to the size of the local population. The results revealed where there is the greatest interest in sustainable fashion.


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Where do Dublin and Ireland land?

Dublin has twice the number of people looking for sustainable fashion as the next city on the list, Cologne in Germany. The Spanish city of Bilbao took the third spot, but Dublin has nearly three times its number of internet searches. There’s a search for sustainable fashion every 4.9 hours in Dublin.

When it comes to the countries most interested in sustainable fashion, Ireland ranks 4th in Europe, with an average of one in 1,372 people searching for sustainable fashion. There’s a search for ‘sustainable fashion’ every 2.4 hours in Ireland.

How to shop more sustainably? 

Wondering how you can shop more sustainably straight away? First up, think of how many times you’ll be able to wear what you’re buying. Is it a once-off? Or will it already go with five items in your wardrobe?

Next up, do a little homework. It’s becoming easier and easier to find out which brands operate sustainably. Do a little research and create a list of sustainable labels, you then have your go-to list of places to shop guilt-free.

Lastly, go vintage. Just a little digging can unearth some real second-hand gems, and you won’t be adding anything at all to your carbon footprint. As a bonus, you’ll get more items for your money.


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Want to take it one step further? 

If you fancy treating yourself to a little something, but also want to give back while you do it, you can support these worthy causes.

Fódla is a sustainable clothing brand that donates 5% of each sale to the Inner City Helping Homeless charity.

The Irish Environmental Network supports a whole host of organisations committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

The Useless Project champions sustainable fashion through events, education and online content.

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