So This Is Why Penneys Is Called Primark Outside Ireland

Because 'Thanks, Primark' does not have the same ring to it!

Ahhh Penneys. The one true love all Irish people can agree on! How we missed it during the lockdown.

The style and fair prices allow us to try out new styles without breaking the bank and you can’t help but go in for a quick look when you pass by.

Of course, we always say: “Just a pack of ankle socks and some new PJs!”, but before we know it, the cashier says €100 and we’re about to faint.


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But with years of hauls on Youtube and daily hails on TikTok, you may be wondering why influencers and people in every other country calls in Primark and not Penneys?

Well, as you probably know, the first-ever Penneys opened in Dublin in 1969, so Penneys was indeed the OG name.

But why the change? Why was it when the clothing brand moved to the UK, in 1973, it changed to Primark?

Well, you see, the American outlet store J.C Pennies had already planted roots in the UK at this point. And thus, Primark was born!

The first one was in Derby, but the biggest one to date is in Manchester.


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The ULTIMATE Irish interaction of when someone compliments something you’re wearing and you get to say “Thanks hun, Penneys!” and let’s be honest, ‘thanks hun, Primark’ just doesn’t sound the same!

By Sadhbh Pearse