So You Two Finally Kissed, Now What?

Navigating the tricky aftermath of THE kiss.


You’ve just spent evening kissing the guy or girl of your dreams…but how do you make sure it will develop into something more?

So you were massively into this person for months and last week you finally got to kiss the face off them! You wake up the next day and although it’s pouring rain and freezing, it feels like the nicest day in the world. You float around the place and frantically text all your friends every last detail of the previous night.

In fact, by 10 am (you simply could NOT sleep) you have every detail written out. You sent it off to all your mates for analysis, and once you exhausted everyone with every minute detail, you sit down and exhale. And then you think ‘So now what?’.

Don’t Bombard Them… 

In a bid to conceal your undying love for this person, you immediately close the door to your tower and keep all those hectic feelings inside. It was great to kiss their lovely lips, but aren’t you now supposed to play it cool? Well, yes and no. Basically, if they DM you, you need to be friendly as opposed to giving the cold shoulder. But by the same token, you should abstain from bombarding them with messages. A sure-fire way to send them running for the hills.

Don’t Agree With EVERYTHING They Say Or Think… 

You fully believe that this is the guy or girl for you, and in an effort to make then believe you are soulmates you turn into a simpering, nodding dog. He likes Stranger Things? Why so do you! He liked Detroit garage rock? It’s your favourite type of music! He thinks Justin Bieber is a Justin Timberlake wannabe? Totally! (Uh, hang on…). Look, while you don’t want to be an argumentative nightmare, you can disagree with them and they will still like you. In fact, conversational debates are often the most interesting ones to have. No one wants an over-eager pick-me girl. You do you and stand your ground about the things you love!

Don’t Get serious ASAP

You kissed so that must mean you can start booking the wedding chapel right? Er, wrong! When he or she snaps or DMs you after your first kiss you really need to take a chill pill. Be friendly and all, but not OTT, as in using lots of baby voices and planning what you’ll buy each other for Valentines Day. Which is a year away… It’s much better to simply enjoy the conversation, play it cool, be yourself and see how it goes.

Do Get Onto Your Friends 

To avoid snapping him every five seconds, you need to discuss everything with your mates. They will have a more objective view of the situation and can advise against that midnight phone call just to say “sweet dreams”. Bleugh! They will also let you know if your neon yellow minidress is a bit much for a walk in the park with him. They may well roll their eyes at your constant queries about what to do next, but hey, you’d do the same for them!

Rememeber He Or She Is Nervous Too!

If just thinking of a date makes your palms sweaty and you just know you’ll go bright red when you see them! Don’t panic. Just remember he’s or she is as nervous as you. Probably even more so! So this thought makes you feel empowered and you do your best to make them relax, which in turn helps YOU relax. Easy!

Remember: It may not work out… and that’s okay

A hugely important thing to remember is that that first kiss may not lead to anything more. It’s easy to assume that once you kiss a nice guy or girl you’re sorted for life, but it may not always go that way. While Lara Jean and Peter may have eventually hit it off in that first To All The Boys I’ve Love before, remember that life ain’t like the movies, if you’ve seen TATB2, you’ll know that things can get in the way… If you kiss and you’re more into it than ever before, beware that the other person may be happy with just a kiss. And hey, there is nothing wrong with it. If you send a few cute snaps and he or she leaves you hanging, do not dwell. Move on, and use it as experience in the love and kissing department for when your next crush arises.