So Your Period Is Always Irregular? Here’s What You Need To Know

Firstly, it's completely normal.

There’s a whole lot to learn when it comes to periods or our bodies in general. There’s so much to know, that I’m still learning all of these years later.

But here’s the thing about periods, they’re rarely reliable. As it’s a menstrual cycle, you’d be forgiven if you’re expecting it to work like clockwork, but that’s just not the case. Especially when you’re younger, it can take quite a while for your period to regulate. So if that’s something you’re concerned about, here’s everything you need to know.

It’s completely normal

Just like we said, periods can be completely unreliable and for the majority of people, they’re not going to work like clockwork straight away. Don’t panic if your period doesn’t regulate or settle, or if you happen to get different symptoms on each period, like bloating, mood swings, heavy periods, it’s all completely normal.

Saying that, if you feel like there may be something wrong, it’s worth chatting to a parent or guardian, or maybe even an older sister, even to put your mind at ease.

Keep track of dates

Tracking your period can be really handy because it means you can know when to expect your period and understand which days might be best/worst during your cycle. It also means you can keep an eye on your symptoms and understand why your mood, skin, energy levels and overall function might change at certain times of the month.

Keep an eye on the dates when your period arrives, your mood and symptoms on the days leading up to that date, and do this for the first few months or so. You can use a journal, your phone notes or your calendar, and there’s plenty of free apps that can help too. Read all about period tracking right here.

It might not regulate by itself 

Let’s not panic, but according to Dr Shelley, it may take months, and for some, years to regulate. Shelley also explained previously that for some people, it may never regulate by itself.

“Even more unfortunately for some, their period may never regulate by itself, and they may need medication, prescribed by a GP or a gynaecologist, to regulate them.” If you feel like your periods are taking too long to regulate, it could be worth chatting to a parent or a guardian to discuss if you may need to see your GP.

Here’s how to prepare

We all know that there’s nothing more annoying than your period arriving when you’re out and about, trying to have a good time and completely unprepared. Worst case scenario, you could even be wearing a pair of white jeans. Yep, there are few things worse.

Whether you’re using your school bag or a handbag, or even your jacket pockets if there’s room, keep a pad or a tampon packed. In your school bag, you could keep some wet wipes, a change of underwear and even a spare pair of leggings if you experience heavy periods.

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