Stacey Solomon Just Shared The Gorgeous Name She Chose For Her Baby Girl

She had to rule out certain names over awkward initials.

Stacey Solomon has shared the name of her baby girl.

The presenter welcomed the baby on October 5th (Stacey’s birthday!) but took some time to decide a name.

Sharing her decision on social media Stacey wrote: “Rose, Opal, Esmè Solomon-Swash.”


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“Our beautiful flower – Our precious jewel – who is ever loved. It’s been the most magical week. We love you to the moon and back our little Rose 🥺🌹 We feel so so lucky to have you here… Thank you all for your loveliness, your kindness and just being there at 3am for a chat it’s been the best. Love you all 🌹♥️”

She previously shared that they had chosen Autumn, but had to change it over awkward initials.

“We loved the name Autumn but then we realised her initials would be ASS” – her name being Autumn Solomon-Swash,” she said on Instagram stories yesterday.

“So it helped us rule out all of the ‘A’ names”

She added that the couple had other names chosen that they were trying out on the newborn. Stacey revealed on her stories today that they had finally settled on one and is excited to share it with everyone.

“We’ve chosen her name. We’ve been calling her it and a couple of others for the last few days and this one just feels like it is definitely who she is”.

Rose is little sister to Rex, Zachary, Leighton and Harry.