Still No Good At Winged Eyeliner? Try The Dot Trick

One of our favourite beauty hacks!

Eyeliner can totally transform your fave, make your look eyes bigger and totally lift your face.

A winged eye can look so good, but a bad winged eye can have the opposite effect, as leave your eyes looking small, dark and dull!

The key to achieving the perfect winged liner is definitely practice. Like many things in life, practice makes perfect.

The other key, which you might not hear about as often, is finding the ‘hack’ that works for you. I bet you have a friend who says ‘no seriously, *this* is the only way to do it’ while handing you a spoon, while you might have seen countless TikTokers using tape or a stamp to achieve what they want.

All of these hacks can be amazing, and dare I say it, life changing… IF they work for you!

The key to perfect eyeliner isn’t about the easiest or most popular hack, it’s about finding the one that suits you, your level of skill and your eye shape and size.

So let’s take a look at another popular way of achieving a good flick – the dot trick.

As you can see in the video, it’s pretty simple. Instead of drawing lines all in one go that may end up being too thick, crooked or wonky, you draw little dots and then join them up. If you could do it in senior infants, you can do it now!

Use a good strong eyeliner, that’s not too gloopy or wet, like the liquid Ink Eyeliner Waterproof by Essence or Glam’Eyes from Rimmel to make it as easy as possible for yourself.

Good luck!