Strong & Healthy Nails? Yes, Please!

Our ultimate guide to fabulous natural nails!

If you’re a fan of short and cute nails, or maybe long and sparkly, it’s still super important for them to be healthy. But it doesn’t take weekly trips to the beautician’s to keep them looking fabulous. There’s a few simple things you can do to keep your nails in top tip condition.

File Them Correctly

When filing your nails, just keep in mind it’s all about one direction (not only the name of one of our fave bands from back in the day!). If you file your nails in a see saw motion, like we often see on TV, this can actually weaken your nails. Go in one direction only, and keep it nice and easy.

Pamper Your Cuticles

Your cuticles, that part of skin at the bottom of your nails, is basically what protects your nails and keeps them healthy. So keep ‘em that way with a bit of cuticle oil. Cuticle oil is essential for keeping both your nails and cuticles moisturised, which is important to keep them in tip top condition. Rubbing a small amount of this oil on your nails daily will help them to grow, keep them as strong as they can be and help with any peeling that may happen. Give them all the love, but just don’t cut them. Leave that to the pros in the salon.

Keep Those Rubber Gloves Handy

Helping out with the housework? First of all, go you! Second of all, get those rubber gloves on. Particularly if you’re washing up after dinner, leaving your hands in the water for a while can soften your nails too. Soft nails can lead to peeling and breaking, so stick a pair of gloves on while washing up! They’ll also be handy if you’re spraying the counters or giving the floors a quick clean. Every little helps, right?

Your Nails Are Jewels, Not Tools

If you want your nails to be nice and healthy, or if your trying to grow them, this is the golden rule to remember. Using your nails as actual tools, whether it’s opening a can or tearing the packaging of your online order, can lead to them breaking and chipping. All of this can weaken your nails, which is not what we’re after here. Plus, avoiding the pain and heartache of breaking a nail is always a plus!

Getting Your Nails Done? Don’t Forget Your SPF!

If you’re treating yourself to getting your nails done, it’s a good idea to pop on some SPF before your appointment. This will protect your hands from the UV lights used on your nails in the salon.