Stuck For NYE Plans? Five Things You Can Do At Home To Make It Memorable

It's not too late to make some magical plans.

New Year’s Eve can be a bit of a letdown. Let’s face it, it’s not always like the movies that ends with the perfect midnight kiss or you sing karaoke with a stranger who turns out to be Troy or Gabriella – especially in 2020! But there are a few things you can do by yourself or with your friends to make sure New Years’ feels special even if you’re staying at home.

Time Capsule

It’s the end of a year, and in this case, the end of a decade so why not mark it by making a memory box? Decorate an old shoe-box with pics of your fave celebs, trends, styles etc from this year. Inside fill the box with things that remind you of this year, concert tickets, cinema stubs anything you have that sums up where you were and who you are in 2020. Write a letter to your future self and pop it into the box too, hide it away at midnight somewhere you won’t be tempted to open and leave it ’till next new years (or as long as you can, the longer you wait the more fun!) and when you open it you’ll have a great time going through your old memories and seeing what you said to yourself back then and you can keep it forever too.

Virtual Sleepover

Organise a virtual sleepover with your friends and ring in the new year in your PJs with your besties, you’re all going to be up late anyway so you may as well do it together, spend the night laughing about your memories and watching cheesy movies on Netflix party (we recommend New Year’s Eve for a look at the cutest New York City NYE you can imagine, and Zac Efron duh).

Secret Santa

We know Christmas is over but that doesn’t mean we have to be finished with all the presents! If you haven’t seen your friends over Xmas, or didn’t get a chance to swap presents, why not do a secret Santa with your friends or family but wait until New Years to give the presents? You can do this socially distanced of course, and it makes for a really sweet activity coming up to midnight and starts the year with giving and happiness.

Set goals

Having a quiet New Years? use this time to look back at your achievements this year, and set some goals for next year. Pamper yourself and grab a hot choc while you jot down a list, you’ll be more than ready for the year ahead.

Take pictures

Don’t forget to document the night, its the last ever night of this year! Take some cute timer pics and silly selfies so you’ll always remember your celebrations entering 2021. It has been a momentous year for all of us, and one we won’t be forgetting in a hurry, so why not document the occasion!

There’s lots of things that can help make your new years all about YOU and end the year in the best way possible, why not scroll through too? We are happy to ring in the new year with you and will be with you all through 2021 too!

Words: Jade Carpenter