Stuck In A Studying Rut? Check Out These Noteworthy Tips

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It’s that weird time of year again when it comes to school. It feels like you’re just back, yet mid-term has arrived and Christmas exams are only around the corner too. One minute, it feels like you’ve all of the time in the world, next you’re trying to cram as much into short periods that you can.

It’s almost too easy for it to happen, to keep putting off studying until it feels like it’s too late.

Well, rather than stressing yourself out by trying to cram everything at the last minute, the good news is that once you get your head around it it’s easy to get yourself out of a studying rut. How exactly do you do it then? Check out these noteworthy tips to find out exactly how.

Sort Out Your Study Space

We know you’ve probably heard this before, but creating an actual space for you to study in is super important. Granted, if you have this space already, it’s probably a bit less organised than it was initially. Studying can get messy, so we’re not blaming you. If you’re feeling stuck in a bit of a rut, clearing out and organising your space is the first step.

Organise what notes you have to go through, keep together all the notebooks and study tools you need, and keep everything neat and organised. Try not to use your favourite spot on the couch or your bed as a study space, keep these as places that you associate with relaxing and comfort, rather than study and school.

Even if you prefer to study in the library, organise everything so that it’s ready to go each time you’re packing up. That way, you’re not forgetting important notes, losing your timetable or wasting time looking for bits and pieces.

Create A Timetable 

Don’t have a timetable for studying just yet? Well, it’s time to give it a try. Getting organised is half the battle, and if you have a mini timetable to go off each week, it’ll make your days a whole lot easier.

It doesn’t have to be anything extensive if that’s not your style, you could easily break it into different blocks for each evening. Maybe a half an hour for English, another half an hour for Maths, or even a full hour block for history if you have a test coming up.

There are some great study templates on Pinterest that you could try and replicate and Canva is a great website that allows you to create customised study plans.

Find Out What Learning Style Works Best For You

We don’t all learn or study in the same way, so give yourself time to work out what learning style works best for you.

Are you a visual learner? Try giving mind maps a go, or maybe even flashcards and sticky notes. Do you learn definitions best by writing it out a few times? Keep a notebook just for rewriting short definitions that you can find easily. Or maybe you find it way easier to study with someone so you can chat through exam questions and definitions.

Not sure what suits you best? Check out how to find your learning style right here.

Remind Yourself Of Your Goals

Sometimes our motivation can literally disappear because the end goal feels SO far away, so reminding yourself of your goals every so often can be a big help. Would you like to achieve certain grades in your Junior Cert? Already have your college course picked out? Print something out to remind yourself of your goal and keep it in sight in your study spot.

Or, you could try breaking down your goal into smaller goals. So, acing your history test this week, learning all about Monet next week, and keep going until it’s time to focus on the end goal.

Give Yourself Some Down Time

No matter how busy your schedule is, it’s always important to give yourself some downtime. So whether you enjoy a nice long bubble bath, a Netflix binge, a catch up with your friends, make sure to give yourself some time to do the things you enjoy. A nice break is always essential!