Study 101: Your Ultimate Mocks Survival Guide

Top tips, right this way!

Okay, so it’s February (how is it February?!) and it’s time for the Mocks. What seemed like a distant event that would never actually come has arrived and it’s not fun. We have compiled a quick survival guide to make these two weeks more manageable. You’ll be okay!

Revision Cards

Flash cards can be so helpful this time of year. When you’re revising, make a flashcard for each section with questions or prompts about the topic. When it comes to exams these are so helpful to whip out and test what you know and how much you can say about a topic, highlight the ones you’re less informed on and you know where to look over. Keep these until June so you can see what you’ve improved on and what’s left to learn.

Take It Easy

It’s the night before the exam, you’re trying to cram the whole geography book and three hardbacks into your head and pulling an all nighter seems like the best bet, right? Wrong. This is just going to make you tired for the exam and you won’t perform your best. At this stage nothing you are reading is going to be long-term memory. So instead of your all night study session, do a bit of revision the evening before, set yourself a cut off point and make sure you have time to unwind before bed. A good nights sleep will help with your exam performance and give you more time to look at notes the next day, we know it’s easier said than done but try resist the all nighter!

If you have mid-term before or in the middle of your exams, take time to rest. Of course you’ll need to study too, but this is also a time to re-energise and make sure you’re in the best condition for the rest of the exams. So don’t feel bad about taking some well deserved me time. You’ll be much more productive if you’re well rested, it’s all about balance.

Food, Food, Food

Your breakfast choice is pretty important during exam season. After all, you don’t want a growling stomach in the middle of English Paper Two, it’s distracting and uncomfortable. Try to eat something in the morning that you know will keep you full until after the first exam, porridge is always a good option. Bring some snacks with you, fruit, some chocolate anything that will give you a little boost right before if you’re feeling peckish. If you’ve another exam after lunch again choose something that always fills you up and gives you energy. It’s a long day so energy is key, also keep hydrated and make sure your water bottle is full going into every exam, it can get warm in there.

Final Tips

After each exam, try not to discuss it with others. This is not helpful as there’s nothing anyone can do to change it now, accept what you’ve done and forget about it until results. If it didn’t go your way at least you know what to look over for June. Remember it’s only the mocks! It’s an opportunity to see where you are and what you need to work on, and remember you have time to improve on everything. Finally, make sure to answer every question, even if it’s a guess you never know what you’ll get marked on, and you definitely can’t get marks for a blank space.

Hopefully this was helpful to some of you. We here at KISS want to wish anyone doing their Mocks the best of luck! You’ve got this x

Words: Jade Carpenter