Style School With Kiss – How To DIY Tie-Dye

It couldn't be easier!

There has been a clear trend leading the way in the quarantine style stakes this last month or so. Influencers and celebs alike have been obsessing over it, and if you don’t spot it at least once when you scroll through your Insta feed then ring the guards, because something is wrong.

We’re of course talking about, tie-dye.

Proving that the look isn’t just for festivals but for isolation too, we’ve seen everything you could imagine tie-dyed, with loungewear, in particular, having a moment.

While we’re loving the trend, the problem with its popularity is that tie-dyed loungewear sets are now sold out pretty much everywhere, making it near impossible to get your hands on any.

But, luckily for us, there are some DIY options for recreating the look yourself at home. One particular method, the bleach method requires very little effort and skills, and so is the perfection option to get creating during the rest of lockdown.

Team KISS put the method to the test and tried it out for ourselves, and we have to admit, we’re pretty chuffed with the results. If you’re wondering how you can try it out for yourself, then keep reading.

Here’s What You’ll Need:



A squeeze or spray bottle


Hair bobbins or rubber bands

A basin or plastic sheets

Step One:

Choose an old sweatshirt, joggers, or whatever you want to tie-dye. We recommend choosing something that’s dark in colour for best results. Then you’ll need to begin by placing your item on the ground and twisting it in sections, securing with ties as you go. Continue to do this until the item is small and you’re happy with how it looks.

Step Two:

Place the twisted item into a basin or on a plastic sheet. Then make your dye solution by mixing together equal amounts of water and household bleach in a squeeze or spray plastic bottle.

Step Three:

Pop on some gloves and begin to lightly squeeze or spray your bleach dye solution onto the item. You can be as generous or as stingy with the solution as you like, it all depends on how you want the finished result to look. Once it has been applied to both sides allow it to sit in the basin for roughly 30 minutes.

Step Four:

Once the 30 minutes is up you can place the item into your bath or shower and rinse it out with water, removing the bands you had attached to it. When this is done and all the bleach solution has been rinsed out of it, allow it to dry and pop it into your washing machine.

And you’re done! It really is that simple, and the results are amazing. You can see how our attempt worked out for us below, along with a step-by-step of how we achieved it.


If you give it a go yourself be sure to tag or DM us with your results on Instagram!