Tana Mongeau Calls Out MTV For Editing Show To Make Her Look Bad

"I’m literally sick at the way I look in the public eye rn."


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Tana Mongeau is not happy with MTV. She’s currently staring on the how, No Filter which followers her as she goes about her career, with her friends and manager.

But the latest episode left Tana pretty annoyed as she felt it had been edited to make her look bad.

The scenes showed the YouTuber drinking alcohol. In the episode, Tana is seen having a huge fight with her manager, Jordan Worona. After the fight, Tana and her friends, including Trevor Moran, decide to go have a big night out.

Trevor opened up about struggling with alcohol and even relapsing earlier in the episode.

The scenes make it look as though Tana is drinking in front of Trevor, where Tana can even be heard saying “The first one to literally pass out wins,” (yikes!) Trevor then appears uncomfortable, eventually leaves the club.

After the episode, fans voiced their disappointment in Tana for not being a better friend.

But Tana has hit out, saying that the editing made her look bad, when she’s in fact been very supportive of her friend.

“I have cared about @TrevorMoran and his recovery more than anything in the world & have done EVERYTHING in my power to be there for him. F*CK waking up to an edit of ANYTHING. That Makes it look like I didn’t,” she said on Twitter.


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She added: “Even in my DARKEST times shooting the show there was never a point where I’d encourage Trevor to fall of [sic] the path or not be there for him in the best way I knew possible. Jesus, I’m so upset rn at that.”