Team KISS Share Their Tips On How To Handle Your Period Like A Boss

We'll take all the advice we can get


From cramps and bloating to spots and weird poo (sorry, it had to be said), having your period is no easy occasion. You’re bleeding for roughly a week and it hurts.

While you definitely gain the right to have a moan or two if you feel like it, sometimes, even all the moaning in the world just can’t ease up the horridness of dealing with that time of the month.

Us here at Team KISS have been dealing with periods for as long as we can remember, and with that we’ve picked up the odd trick or two for coping with it along the way.

Being doubled over in pain every month for the next however many decades just isn’t an option for us, we have things to do and empires to build. So next time you’re cursing your womb, here’s a list of things you can do to handle your period like an absolute boss.

Pamper Yourself

The key to getting through this frankly awful time is pampering yourself. We recommend puttting on your PJs as soon as you get home from school, run yourself a bath and pop on a face mask, bleeding all day can really drain you so it’s important to recharge.

Do Some Light Exercise

We know, the last thing you want to do when you have your period is move – let alone exercise. The truth is, there’s no medical reason for you to not exercise during that time of the month, and many studies have shown that a little light exercise can actually help to relieve pain. While we’re not advising you to do an entire ab circuit, just getting out and going on a brisk walk could do the trick.

Apply Heat

Ah, the oldest trick in the menstruating book. Applying a hot water bottle, heating pad, or any other form of heat to your stomach is something women have been doing for centuries, and for good reason. Heat increases blood flow to the area, which helps to relax muscles that are causing the cramping.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Forcing yourself to wear white jeans or a denim mini skirt when you have your period just because it looks cute isn’t something you have to do. If you have an event to attend it’s perfectly fine to dress differently from your friends, soft dark leggings or tight black shorts might help you to feel more comfortable, so go for it! One Team KISS member used to wear tight shorts under her school uniform when she had her period to avoid any leaks. Peace of mind is so important when you’re first getting used to dealing with your period, so if black jeans give you the confidence to go to that birthday party without checking for leaks every five minutes then wear them!

Drink Water

Yes, we should all be doing this anyway. But staying hydrated is especially important during that time of the month. Water can help with bloating, and it can also boost energy levels which only makes you feel better. Try to keep drinking coffee or tea to a minimum, caffeine can constrict blood vessels, making cramping worse – and that is something we definitely can do without.

Use Essential Oils

It might sound a little hippy, but essential oils are more popular than ever. No, they’re no longer just used by your mad aunt, some oils are thought to help with an array of menstrual discomforts. If you’re looking to ease cramps try cinnamon oil, for headaches you can use lavender oil and if you’re dealing with hormonal breakouts, you can pop on some tea tree oil to dry them up in no time.

Keep A Journal

Keeping track of your period can sometimes feel impossible, especially in the early days. One month it’s here, the next month it’s not, and then before you know it it’s back, without any warning at all. Taking note of your cycle and its symptoms are the best way for you to understand it. Buy a diary, or download a cycle tracker app and input when you begin your period, when you end it, how you feel physically and what emotions are running through you mentally. Keeping your thoughts pent up inside is never a good thing, so unleash everything onto a page (or screen).