Tempted To Share EVERYTHING Online? Why You Need To Think Before You Post

Social media is all fun and games until something goes too far, here's some tips to post positively and avoid online regrets.

Of course, we all love to use social media and its totally fun to share your thoughts, pictures and experiences with your friends online, but it is easy to overshare which can be an unhealthy and dangerous habit. Here’s how to spot the signs and how to avoid it.

The internet is NOT a diary

We all go through stuff, life isn’t easy, but using tweeting every thought that comes into your head is not the answer. It is easy to get into the habit of tweeting every time you feel frustrated in the hopes of finding some validation from likes and retweets, but this can be extremely unhealthy and can also come back to bite you in the future. The things we think in moments of anger and frustration can be intense and fleeting, posting them out there for everyone to see can come back to haunt you in the future, and as we all know, screenshots last forever. We’ve all seen celebs’ ill-thought older tweets come back to haunt them, and just because you’re not famous (yet!) doesn’t mean this can’t happen to you! So next time you feel like venting about your ex-boyfriend, teacher or your parents, talk to someone you trust and… BUY A DIARY. Future you will thank us.

A much better place to vent!

Night out nightmares

Yes, it’s great to post stories on a night out of you and your girlies looking glam. However, as the night goes on you all might be caught up in all the fun and feeling the need to share every picture, video and thought on your Insta stories. These might be things that are embarrassing to you or your friends, and even if they’re not, posting constantly may mean you’re not actually enjoying your ngiht. Remember when you’re out and about to just have fun and really enjoy yourself and live in the moment, not with your face in your phone!

Travel tips

Instagram and Facebook are a great place to share all your travel pics and make your friends jealous with your sunny beach shots. Although, it can be dangerous to share too much. Things like the ‘check in’ option on Facebook shows everyone your exact location and more importantly that you’re not at home. Sure, you might think you can trust whoever your friends with but their friends can see it too if they engage you can never be too careful. Try enjoying the hols and posting your pics when you’re home.


Over edit

We all love a good filter on Instagram, there are even positive ways to use editing apps that don’t include changing your face or body. Some of them have great tools to brighten a picture and fix the lighting of a dark area which is great! BUT getting carried away with editing and going anywhere near photoshopping tools is a big no-no. You are beautiful as your natural self and there’s no need to change that for anyone or any number of likes, imagine looking back on pics of your teen years only to realise you have no idea what you actually looked like, because of all that editing! No thanks!

So next time you’re going to post, stop and think, why and for who are you posting? If it’s just to went, try writing it out in your diary, if you feel you’re over sharing, save it in drafts and have a think. There is never any hurry to put anything online, so a few minutes of thought can save a whole lot of hassle.


Words: Jade Carpenter