The 20 Most Popular Recipes On TikTok

From whipped coffee to pancake cereal, TikTok is taking over mealtime.

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TikTok has been the advice giver, trendsetter and entertainer of the past year.

Now the popular app plays a major role in mealtimes we can’t help but try some of the brilliant (but equally bizarre) food trends.

Food experts at the online cake shop, Jake and Beyond revealed what food trends came out on top. And the results are interesting, to say the least!

First Place: Cloud Bread

Let’s remember back to the very start of lockdown. Everyone was overly enthusiastic about the skills they would learn while staying at home. Well, it looks like we all turned to TikTok to learn. The biggest food trend goes to cloud bread, with 3.2 billion views. It looks like we didn’t want to settle for normal bread. Of course, we wanted the fluffier almost Disney-like alternative!

@abimhncloud bread!!! dope recipe from @linqanaaa #cloudbread #MyBFF #foryou #fyp #bakingrecipe #homemade #homechef #clouds #avatar #cake #meringue♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

Second Place: Whipped Coffee

Every coffee lover’s dream. This famous drink only uses three ingredients and has been compared to drinking a ‘coffee cloud.’ With nearly 3 billion views, it seems many people were trying out this caffeine delight at home. Anything to change up the lunchtime routine, right?

@dailysageeday one: whipped coffee <3 #foryou #whippedcoffee #quarantine #summer #icedcoffee #fyp #viral #storytime #bridgerton #obx #supalonely #foryoupage♬ Supalonely x Glitter – TikTok Mashup – Eduardo Luzquiños & Rapidsongs

Third Place: Pancake Cereal

Lots of tiny bite-sized pancakes, what’s not to love? The #pancakecereal has over 1.6 billion views on TikTok. The mini sweet treats have endless possibilities with toppings like golden syrup, Nutella, or yogurt.

@dailysageemini pancake cereal! what do you want to see next? #pancakecereal #foryou #quarantine #summer #viral #obx #bridgerton #pancakes #goodvibes #aesthetic♬ whats my name – “majesticmusic”

Fourth Place: Feta Pasta

We’ve all seen it, and most of us have tried it: The feta pasta takes fourth place. A simple hack that involves baking a block of feta cheese with some cherry tomatoes in the oven. The trend has over 1 billion views on TikTok and has been described as ‘the perfect weeknight pasta dish.’ We couldn’t agree more.

@feelgoodfoodieBaked feta pasta with cherry tomatoes!! Recipe on blog • Inspired by @grilledcheesesocial 😘 #tiktokpartner #LearnOnTikTok #fetapasta #recipes♬ original sound – Feel Good Foodie

Other food trends that made the list include hot cocoa bombs, ice cream cake and, of course, banana bread.

At the other end of the table is the newest craze, pesto eggs with 44 million views. It seems this trend will continue to grow and soon we’ll all be adding pesto to our eggs in the morning, yum!?

@cookingwithayehPesto Eggs are definitely worth the hype 💚 #fyp #pestoeggs #lunch #easymeal #foodtiktok #foryou♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Check out the rest below!

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