The Best Makeup For Your Eye Colour

Accentuate those eyes.

It is easy to stick to your usual smoky eye or the swipe of pink across the lid, but we have some top tips on finding the best colours to compliment you eyes!

Brown-eyed beauties

For all the brown-eyed gals, you are the lucky ones when it comes to makeup! You have lots of versatility and can play around with different colours and styles. If you want to focus on the clarity in your eyes, try deep purples or bronzy golds. To give the illusion of a lighter brown, try a mossy green shadow. Opt for black to add definition and intensity. Even a simple swipe of black eyeliner on your waterline will make a world of difference! If you want a bolder look, use a touch of black on the corner of your lid and blend it out.

Eyeliner €7

Eyeshadow €4.50

Sea blue babes

Orange is the opposite of blue on the colour chart, so try eyeshadow with orange undertones such as rich browns and terracottas. gold, bronze and shimmery pigments will bring out the highlights in your eyes. Unlike our brown-eyed gals, black can look very harsh on blue eyes, especially if you have a pale skin tone, so opt for a bronze or brown eyeliner instead, it will catch the glint in your iris without distracting too much.

Gold pigment €6.80

Eyeshadow €5

Eyeliner €8

Forest Green and hazel hunnies

Red is the opposite of green/hazel on the colour wheel, and contrasting colours are perfect for making those eyes pop. Red can be daunting if you’re doing a day-time glam, so we recommend going for a shadow in the pink family. For an evening look, opt for colours with red undertones such as berry, bronze, rust and mahogany. Similar to those blue eyes, use a liner that won’t look OTT. For eyeliner, colours like bronze, charcoal, silver and purple will compliment your eyes!

Eyeshadow €7

Eyeliner €8


Stormy grey gals

For our rare grey-eyed babes, you want to mimic your own eye colour. Opt for stormy colours like silver, grey or icy blue.

Palette €12.99

Eyeliner €3.50



Words by Alannah Hanley