The Cutest Festive Pyjamas To Lounge In This Christmas Break

Because who could be bothered getting dressed this winter?

Okay, let’s get real for a second, while usually most festive seasons we’re excited to have an excuse to break out the glitter and sparkles stashed in the back of our wardrobes, this year, we think the glitter is going to be staying put.

A difficult year for so many people for so many reasons, when exam season is over and school breaks up for the Christmas holidays, lounging around in the cosiest clothes we can get our hands on is the only way to go. In my own house, my family have a tradition of buying new pj’s for one another and gifting them to each other on Christmas eve. So, I am certainly aware of the importance of a good festive pyjama.

With that, I’ve compiled together a list of the cutest pj’s you can lounge around in this winter break – no getting dressed up required.

Fleece Checked Pyjama Set – €22

Star Print Jersey Christmas Pyjama Set – €38

Thermal Onesie – €51.50

Gingerbread Man Onesie image 1


Fairisle Fam Jams – €13 (Penneys)

Fluffy Deer Pyjamas – €9.84

Christmas Dog Pyjamas – €9.84