The Cutest Phone Accessories To Show Off Your Style

These would make Emily Cooper proud.

Being out and about in the world again, we want to look cute to make up for the two years we spent locked away, but we also love having something functional in our lives.

Who said things can’t be cute AND functional anyway? Pockets in dresses and skirts? Sold. A cute bag that fits all of our essentials? Add to cart. The list goes on. So of course, phone cases are the next thing on our agenda. 

Our worst nightmare is putting on an outfit, you have never looked better and you’re so excited about it, but you realise you’ve nowhere to put your phone. You can’t carry it around with you, it’s just not practical. 

With these trending phone accessories, ruining an outfit or being stuck holding your phone all day won’t be an issue!


Beige Hand Strap Case – H&M €6

If you’ve always got your phone in your hand, you’ll be doing it in style with this phone case. It is sleek and chic, the beige colour means you’ll avoid clashing with outfit colours, and the short strap attached to the back makes sure you know where your phone is at all times. Giving you style and security!


Black Crossbody Phone Bag – H&M €17.99 

Keeping it classic and chic with just a little bit more protection, this compact phone bag is perfect for when you only need the essentials! With the all-black look of the bag and the crossbody chain, you’ll have your phone in your reach without having it in your hand all day. So when you need a quick Insta pic, you will be photo-ready!


Blue Dior-Inspired Phone Case – Missguided €9.99 

This accessory is for all the material girls out there on a budget. If you want the perfect mirror selfie with the perfect phone case but don’t have the funds to spend an arm and a leg, we got you. Missguided pulled through with this Oblique Canvas by Dior-inspired case, giving us the glamour we need in our life. From a distance, you wouldn’t even know the difference! On a call or taking pics, people will see this case and know you have style.


Pink Beaded Phone Charm – Nasty Gal €9.80

Adding some colour and fun into these accessories is exactly what you need to put some of your personality into your style. These phone charms give off serious Y2K nostalgia and we love them! They are the perfect way to make your phone look that little bit extra. We have a Nasty Gal one linked but head over to Depop and Instagram too! You can get custom ones with your name on them, they’re the perfect gift for someone and just unbelievably cute. Plus you won’t drop your phone nearly as much as you did before buying this!



                                                                    Emily In Paris Style Phone Case – Amazon €11.98

After seeing Emily In Paris, all we can think about is how much we want to be Emily. This phone case can get you one step closer to that! We love how cute this case is and it’s also practical because it comes with a strap you can wear! So if you’re worried about losing your phone, you can just have it attached to you all the time while also looking cute. It also looks super funky in mirror pics. It seems like a win to us!


Sadhbh O’Hara