The Do’s And Dont’s In The Lead Up To Your Debs

Don't stress but do buy your outfit way in advance

Preparing for your debs usually means all systems go. From your finding your dress to deciding on hair and makeup to what food to serve in your house for family, there’s so much to think about and with the big day approaching it’s likely your brain feels like scrambled egg right now.

Luckily, we’re here to offer you up a full list of all the things you should do in the lead-up to your day, and all the things you should definitely avoid. From last-minute makeovers to making plans for afterward, check it out.


Buy your outfit way in advance

Whether you’re wearing a dress, co-ord or suit, it’s always best to buy it at least a couple of weeks in advance. You might be super chill, and that’s great, but leaving your outfit until the last minute could lead to unnecessary stress. You’ll likely need to have your clothes altered and so it’s important to give yourself enough time for that to be done seamlessly (no pun intended).

Trial your look

Once you have your outfit you can start to think about the other pieces to your deb’s puzzle. Accessories, makeup, and hair all compliment your look and so you should begin giving those some thoughts in the weeks and days leading up to your debs. Search apps like Pinterest and Instagram for inspiration and put together a virtual mood board. If you’re being your own glam squad, spend an afternoon trying out your hair and makeup in your room. Or if you’re paying for a professional to do it, enquire about a trial run beforehand so you can iron out any issues and get it right on the day.

Prep your skin 

If you’re planning on wearing fake done or would just like that soft skin glow to compliment your look, give your skin some prep beforehand. This means exfoliating while you’re in the shower and lathering on some moisturiser afterward. It’s recommended that you do that 1-2 weeks prior so your skin will be in tip-top shape come the day.

Make plans for afterward 

A tip that usually escapes people’s minds. While you’re all busy planning for the day of your debs, don’t forget about afterward too. Waiting for this day for the best part of a year, only for it to go by in the blink of an eye can feel anti-climatic. To beat the post-prom blues make some plans with your pals for afterward. It could be a sleepover a couple of days later where you can discuss and dissect the night, it could be another big night out the following weekend, but this time without the pressure and uncomfy shoes, or it could just be a trip to the cinema the next day. Just be sure to have something other than your debs to look forward to.


Test out new products on the day 

This is a mortal sin in any ‘big occasion’ world. New beauty products should only be trialed and tested in the long run-up to your debs. If you have a new face moisturiser you’ve been dying to try but your debs is mere days away, or worst still, the next day, leave it. The same goes for new makeup too. Always test out your makeup before the day comes, this way you’ll know what your working with and avoid any potential reactions or disasters.

Buy uncomfortable accessories 

When we say accessories, we mainly mean shoes. It might be tempting in the run-up to buy the highest pair of heels you see to give you some height in your pictures, but when the day comes you won’t thank your past self. Play it safe with acessories. Buy shoes that you know you’ll be comfortable in for the night, and better still break them in during the lead up. Strut around your house in your shoes with a pair of fluffy socks and come the big day you’ll be flying!

Put too much pressure on yourself 

It’s easy to get swept up in the planning of your debs, but it’s important to remind yourself too that not everything has to be, nor will it be, perfect. Ask anyone who has done their debs if it was perfect and they’ll likely give you a list of ways it went terribly wrong. You don’t need to look ‘perfect’ nor do you need to act ‘perfect’, your debs is a time to have fun and celebrate the 6 years of hard work you’ve put into your education before you move off on your next journey. Bear that in mind when you’re preparing for it.