The Heatless Hairstyle You Need To Try Out Now

Did someone say Y2k?

Granted, we might not be going anywhere soon, but if you’re sick to death of your messy bun or bored of your ponytail, we’ve got a new hairstyle that might give you a pep in your step when it comes to going for your daily walk or facetiming your friends.

Yes, it’s another ode to the 90s and one you might not have imagined would make a return, ladies and gentlemen, her bubble braids.

Handy for those who aren’t great at French plaits, bubble braids require practically no skill, potentially one quick trial run and some elastics for nailing that invisible bobble lewk.


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What we love about this hairstyle is that it a) it keeps the hair out of our face, b) looks super cute and c) can be done in a dash before school/picnics with the gals when you’ve got day two hair and no time for a shower.

Yep, we think this hairstyle will be saving us time and time again over summer be it for school or play and we’re excited to mess around with it.

On TikTok we’ve seen plenty of different variations of the bubble braids with people braiding them into the top of their hair, turning their ponytail into a bubble braid, sectioning their hair so they’re only creating two small bubble braids with the rest of their hair down, and so the list goes on.


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Want to try it yourself? We love this tutorial from Lauren Wolfe @laauren1 on how to create two simple braids to get you started.

@laauren1Hairstyle for second day hair! Nice twist to bubble braids #hairstyle #hairtransformation #hairtrends #hairtutorials #heatlesshairstyles #bubblebraid♬ 1991 – ♡

We’re weak! And of course, if you’re trying out the hairstyle on the ‘gram, tag us in your pics, we’re!

Written By Denise Curtin 

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