The Real Ages Of The Stranger Things Cast

Some are a lil' older than you might think

Season 4 of Stranger Things has finally landed and we couldn’t be happier. Zooming our way through the season we can’t help but notice just how much has changed since the show launched back in 2016.

Those changes include the cast’s ages. Taking a look at each character and their real-life vs on-screen age we’re sharing the breakdown with you.

Millie Bobby Brown aka Eleven

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Character age: Born in 1971, Eleven was 12 in Season 1 and is 14/15 in the latest season.

Real-life age: In real life, Millie Bobby Brown was born on the 19th of February in 2004, making her 18.

Finn Wolfhard aka Mike Wheeler

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Character age: Born on April 7, 1971 Mike will be 15 in season 4

Real-life age: 19 – Finn’s DOB is 19, December 23, 2002

Gaten Matarazzo aka Dustin Henderson

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Character age: Dustin was also born in 1971 and is 14/15 in season 4.

Real-life age: Gaten was born in 2002 making him 19

Caleb McLaughlin aka Lucas Sinclair

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Character age: The same age as his friends, Lucas is also 15 in season 4.

Real-life age: IRL Lucas is that little bit older than the rest of the cast, he will turn 21 this October.

Noah Schnapp aka Will Byers

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Character age: Will was 12 in the first season and 15 in the latest.

Real-life age: Will is 17 in real life.

Sadie Sink aka Max Mayfield

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Character age: Just like her friends, Max is also 15.

Real-life age: Sadie celebrated her 20th birthday in April.

Charlie Heaton aka Jonathan Byers

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Character age: Johnathan is slightly older than the rest of the cast, as he’s 18/19.

Real-life age: Charlie plays a much younger character in the show as his real life age is 28.

Dacre Montgomery aka Billy Mayfield

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Character age: Darce also plays an 18/19-year-old with Billy.

Real-life age: Darce is 27 IRL.

David Harbour as Jim Hopper

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Character age: Fans have worked out that Jim was born in 1942 and is now 44-years-old in season 4.

Real-life age: David Harbour is not far off his character age as he’s 47 in real life.

Winona Ryder aka Joyce Byers

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Character age: Joyce is the same age as Jim, making her 44 in season 4.

Real-life age: Winona is 50 IRL.