How To Find Your Own Style

While not spending a small fortune!

Style isn’t about what’s on-trend or what your friends are wearing, it’s about what you like and what you feel great in.

Your style can reflect who you are as a person and so when you don’t love what you wear, you might feel like you’re not showing off your best self.

But, finding that style that you feel fits you best can be a daunting, if not impossible task. Your friends seem to have their looks down, you log on to Instagram and everyone looks great there too, so why can’t you nail it too?

Well, that’s where KISS is here to help. Sharing the best tips for finding your style (with little cost), we want you to feel like the best version of yourself. So, have a read through, and soon you’ll be rocking your signature style in no time.

Open up your wardrobe 


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It might sound obvious, but the first step in finding your style is to look inside your wardrobe. What kind of clothes do you own? Is there a certain style jumping out at you? Maybe you love a bit of glam and have lots of sparkles in your wardrobe, or maybe you’re more casual and much prefer and jeans and Converse type look. Take note of that and build on it later on in your style finding process.

Then, you need to go through each item you own and decide whether or not you want it. If you own clothes just for the sake of owning clothes and not because they make you feel good, then maybe it’s time to clear them out. Place any clothes you don’t want to keep in a pile and donate them to a local charity shop or clothes bank. When you have finished this purge, you should only be left with clothes that bring you genuine happiness.

Find Inspo


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Now you have a clear wardrobe, you have a good foundation to build on. The next step is to find style inspiration. There are plenty of places to get this, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, and even here on KISS.

Take note of the styles that you are drawn to and try to replicate those looks but with your own twist. This doesn’t mean you have to go out spending hundreds either, my favourite way to play around with my style when I was a teenager was to have a root through my mam’s wardrobe (sorry, mam!) So, why not ask whoever you live with if they have any old clothes they no longer wear and claim them for your own – every single boomer owns a Levi jacket they no longer wear, trust me!

From there, you can spend your pocket money wisely on other wardrobe items. Make a list of the staples that you need, it could be boots, a good pair of jeans, a leather jacket, and collect them as you go, if your birthday or Christmas is coming up, let your friends and family know what you want and expand your wardrobe that way, it’s all about being smart with your purchases. In addition to that, charity shops are always super handy to find wardrobe basics in, for a fraction of the original price, you can pick up jumpers, blazers, turtlenecks, and boots – all very handy style staples!

Play dress up!


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Okay, so you’ve started to grow your wardrobe, now it’s time to play around with the things you own! If you’re sick of wearing the same-old, change it up! Have fun with clashing prints and colours, and play around with different styles, you don’t have to be ‘girly’ or ‘indie’ for your whole life, you can be both of those things one day after the other, so never feel confined.

Playing around with clothes in the comfort of your own home allows you to express yourself and find what does and doesn’t work for you. It’ll save you from having a meltdown 10 minutes before you’re supposed to meet your friends when you can’t find an outfit you like because you’ll already have a catalog of looks you love on yourself in your head.

Don’t care about what others think 


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Yes, I know, I know, much easier said than done. But, this is the last step in finding your style for a reason. Of course, not caring about what others think won’t come naturally to you at first, but with time and effort, it will! The more comfortable and confident you become with how you dress, the less you will look for other’s approval – trust me on this one!

I’m sure that all of Team KISS’s members would be able to tell you a story of how their teenage selves were conscious of what other people thought of them and their appearance, and look at us now! What I’m trying to say is, being hyper-aware of what other people think comes with the territory of being a teenager, we’re all the same. But, with time and care you will begin to grow out of that and embrace who you are for just that, regardless of what other people *could* think.