The Ultimate Guide To Finding Your Own Style

Your style should reflect your wonderful personality


Your style can reflect who you are as a person and so when you don’t love what you wear, you might feel like you’re not showing off your best self.

Style isn’t about what’s on-trend or what your friends are wearing, it’s about what you like and what you feel great in.

Are you struggling to find your vibe style-wise? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Try these four steps and before you know it you’ll be rocking your own style.

Take a look in your wardrobe

Firstly, you should identify what type of styles you enjoy following most on social media and websites like KISS and also what makes you feel genuinely comfortable. Are you more of a jean or joggers’ kind of gal? T-shirts or long sleeve? Ankle boots or vans?

It’s always best to start with what you have. What kind of colour scheme are you noticing in your own wardrobe? Is it pastel, edgy, vintage or modern? Do you have more sweaters than t-shirts and more jeans than joggers? Try figuring out what your wardrobe says about you and whether you like the look of that. If you do, built on that.

Mix n Match

Once you’re finished reviewing your wardrobe, start the mix and match process! Keep in mind what you have in your wardrobe when you’re buying more bits to see how they match. Have lots of baggy tees? Maybe a pair of skinny jeans would help you wear them more. Or maybe you just need to pick up some cute joggers to go with those cropped top?

You don’t always have to buy more either. Remember, you can make anything work by just trying them on together, and it might take a few tries before you find clothes that match but when you find a good outfit, you’re set! The mix and match process helps you visualize yourself in different outfits and if you find that hard that okay too! When you find ones you love, try taking some mirror OOTDs and add them to a folder in your phone to keep your style in mind.

Stalk celebs!

Check out Instagram, Pinterest, and different blogs and websites. Some TikTok stars post their outfits on their pages which can help you become inspired and try to recreate their outfits with what you found in your wardrobe! Most celebrities and influencers will have the links and prices to the clothes they are wearing which makes it super easy to become inspired.

Declutter bonus

The process of finding your style might also help you declutter clothes you no longer wear or enjoy! Which means… SHOPPING! Once you’ve found a style you enjoy and feel comfortable in why not shop for more clothes that can help you support that style? The less random bits you never wear you have in your closet the better. That way, you’ll find the clothes that reflect you quicker and more easily.

With less clutter, a more refined wardrobe and a clearer idea what you like, you’ll be rocking your signature style in no time. Don’t be shy to post your new looks on your social media and show off!


By Anastasiya Sytnyk