The Ultimate Guide To Updating Your Accessories

Take your outfits to that next level

Keeping up with fashion can be exhausting, let’s be honest. Just when you’ve gathered up enough savings to buy yourself something new it’s not ‘in style’ anymore and everyone has moved onto something else.

With experience and experimentation, Team KISS has found one very simple way to keep up with fashion that’s both time and cost-effective, it’s called – accessorising.

You can easily elevate your style each season by simply swapping out some of last season’s accessories with this season’s new ones. You know that plain bucket hat you’ve been wearing all spring? Add an animal print one to your collection! And those chunky gold rings, swap them out for some chunky plastic ones and you’re right on trend!

You don’t need to drop hundreds of €€ on new clothes, here are some of the accessories we’re swapping out this spring.

Update Your Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are becoming the epitome of fashion nowadays (and we’re not complaining). While in winter we were rocking a fluffy one, this spring it’s all about the prints.

Grab yourself some floral or animal print bucket hats and style it up with your favourite jeans and crop top and you’re good to go! They add uniqueness to any outfit, and they’re completely versatile, so why not try one out?


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Play Around With Earrings

Let’s be real, an outfit is never fully complete without the earrings, and they can either make or break the entire fit. So – while hoop earrings will never go out of fashion, for the next few months put them to the back of your jewelry stand and try out something a little more fun.

Earrings are having a real fun moment right now, from dangly beads to fruit-inspired shapes, get yourself some ~quirky~ earrings and that’s your summer style sorted! Don’t be afraid to be a little out there with them, crazy earrings are both fun and trendy.


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Pop on some glasses

The ultimate elevation. With so many styles, shapes, colours, and sizes, glasses are the top-tier accessory to upgrade an outfit. They instantly make you look more ‘put-together and elevated. And there’s a pair for every outfit. While last year it was all about the ultra-skinny 90s glasses, this year the 70s are making a huge comeback when it comes to eyewear.

Have a root through your mum’s wardrobe and you’ll be bound to find a pair of on-trend sunnies. Keep an eye out for square shapes and brown colours – oh, and the bigger the better!


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Rock Those Socks

This may sound a little bit silly, but it’s true! Socks make a huge difference in the styling of an outfit. Whether you’re wearing jeans and have some long coloured socks to correlate with another part of your outfit, or you’re wearing shorts and have some funky socks to stand out, they truly do make a difference, and they’re a huge part of this season’s trends.


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Change Up Those Rings

Chunky gold rings were all we saw all over our Instagram feed last year, but right now they’re having a renaissance. This spring and summer you can expect to see chunky plastic rings everywhere, so why not get ahead of the trend and order yourself some now!

Oh, and don’t get rid of your old gold ones either, you can rock them too! You can never have enough rings. No matter the outfit, rings will positively complete the look. There are so many kinds of rings out there, and there’s some for every outfit, so there’s no excuse to not accessorise and try them out.

Sweater Vest It Up

Harry Styles – we’re looking at you for this one. In the last year sweater vests have gone from strength to strength and they’re not showing any signs of stopping. While in winter most of the sweater vests we saw were plain, this season it’s all about the prints and colours, so go mad with it!

Sweater vests either over a shirt, or on their own are a huge trend right now, and a fantastic addition to an outfit. They instantly make you look more trendy.


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Bye-Bye Wool Scarves – Hello Feathers!

Again, Harry Styles, you are responsible for this! As you definitely have seen recently, Harry Styles may have just started a scarf revolution. Rocking feather boas at the recent Grammy Awards, we just know that this feather trend isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

You could swap out your old wool scarf for a boa just like Harry’s, or if you want to keep things a little more subtle look out for other ways to incorporate feathers into your look. You can but a blouse with a feathered trim, or a handbag – the feathered world is your oyster!


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With all of these options and inspirations for accessories, your outfits are for sure going to be brought to the next level!

Written By Brian L Cummins

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