This Irish App Is Ideal For Injecting Some Positivity Into Your Daily Routine

A daily dose of positivity, exactly what we all need right now.

Right now, everything seems a little too tiring. From lockdown news to school work, even scrolling through your favourite apps. Snapchat just shows us memories of fun times. TikTok is full to the brim with drama. While Instagram, in particular, seems like the app to go to for distraction, and sometimes negativity.

Now that we’re over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult to stay positive. But in good news, there’s a brand new Irish app to bring some positivity and inspiration into our lives.

Denise Kenny Byrne and The Head Plan team are on a mission to carve out a space of positivity, inspiration and goal setting. Their brand new app, The Head Plan, is a hub of all things positive and enriching. Since launching yesterday, the app has climbed to the top of the charts and is currently number one in the Irish app downloads.

Who’s it for?

If you find yourself wiling away hours of mindless scrolling and feel unfulfilled by the content you are consuming, The Head Plan app is ideal for you.

All about being a safe space for feel-good conversation, rewarding activities, support and advice. The features will include positive daily affirmations, guided meditations, journaling prompts, forums for discussion and workshops hosted by an array of qualified professionals.

Your one-stop app for all things positive!


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What’s it like?

Built to support its users in becoming the best versions of themselves using various tools, it also includes guidance from experts in the wellness fields. Plus, there will be guides on creating rituals, setting goals and practising gratitude, to name just a few.

How much is it?

Even better news, the app is free to download. So rather than building up your screen time refreshing the same old apps again and again, using your phone can be time well spent towards achieving your goals, creating healthy habits and building a support system.

Check it out wherever you get your apps.

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