This Is Olivia Rodrigo’s Favourite Lip Gloss

Here's where you can buy it

Out here doing God’s work, last month Vogue’s ‘Beauty Secrets’ series took us inside the makeup bag of renowned mega babe, Olivia Rodrigo.

As the title of the series suggests, Olivia did indeed share all of her beauty secrets, including her favourite glossy lip product – which has just hit the market.

The 18-year-old is famous for both her unreal songwriting skills and her glossy lip. So, while we probably can’t recreate the writing skills ourselves, at least we can emulate her iconic lip.

Olivia’s go-to lip product is Glossier’s ‘Ultralip’, with her fave shade being ‘Ember’ a deep mauve. However, if your colouring is different from Olivia’s, there are 8 other shades to choose between, from a striking orange to a buttery brown.

Chatting about the product in the video, Olivia explained why she loves it so much:

“So the Ultralip has hyaluronic acid in it also which is great ’cause it keeps your lips moisturized which is very important for me”

“I love how it’s buildable. I love the natural color of my lips. This just sort of accentuates that, it doesn’t try to cover it up or put a new color on top of it. It just emphasizes what you got.”

Okay, sold.

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