This Is What Team KISS Has Been Getting Up To Lately

Looking for some lockdown inspo? Look no further


Welcome to the Team KISS list. We know that after weeks and weeks of lockdown, you’re probably getting a bit bored, frustrated even, and that’s totally understandable. Especially now that another, strict lockdown is on the horizon, we’re all thinking of ways to keep ourselves busy.

Team KISS is sharing some of our favourite things we’ve done/watched/used in the last week to give you some inspo and help you to get to know us better.

Megan Roantree, Editor

Watching: Sister Sister

We all need some fun right now and finding a TV show that you can just relax and laugh to is ideal. Sister Sister landed on Netflix this week and it’s brought me such joy. It was a brill show in that started in the 90s but aired on Nickelodeon well into the 2000s too! It’s about twin sisters that were separated at birth and reunited in a clothes shop. Their parents Ray and Lisa (who do not get along) are forced to move in together so that the sisters get to know each other better. It’s just wholesome and hilarious and if you haven’t seen it, get on it now! 

Wearing: Rimmel’s Lasting Matte Foundation

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not a massive foundation gal, give me a bit of colour in my brows and lashes and I’m happy out. So when I do go for foundation, I really want it to be light but with a nice even coverage. I want something that I can apply only in some areas if needed and I am one that feels nice on my skin.

Well, I am OBSESSED with Rimmel’s Lasting Matte Foundation. It just does all of the above for a super bargain-friendly price of less than 10 euro. Get it here

Making: My own granola 

I was getting a bit bored of my Corn Flakes or toast every day so I decided to get a bit creative with my breakfast and make my own granola. It’s so easy and super delicious. You can make it all sorts of ways but my general gist is some porridge oats, crushed nuts, and mixed seeds. You stick the porridge oats in the oven on high for about 20 mins, then add the nuts and seeds for the last 10 or so, and take them out when they’re golden brown. It keeps well for a week or so in a lunch box, and you can have it in the mornings with chopped fruit, berries, yoghurt or whatever else you’re feeling. Trust me, it’s good! 

#AF link included

Amie Edmonds, Staff Writer 

Buying: The Leanún Daily Planner

I love lists, stationery, planners, anything that’s organisational – I’m all over it. Even throughout lockdown, I was still writing to-do lists each day. This week, Irish company Leanún is launching their new planners for 2021 (mad!) and I’m so excited to get my hands on a new, fresh, gorgeous daily planner. It might be just a little sad, but I’m already looking forward to sitting down with a cup of tea and filling out birthdays, important dates, even if I’ve nothing too exciting coming up. Check them out here.

Watching: Sister Sister

I’m a 90s baby, so when the news came that Sister Sister was coming on to Netflix I was too excited. You probably won’t remember it too well, but Sister Sister is all about two twins, Tia and Tamera who didn’t know they are twins until they bumped into each other in a shop one day. It’s giving me all the nostalgic feels right now, and I’m obsessed! Definitely worth a watch, even if you’ve never seen it before.

Using: Skingredients Sally Cleanse

I’ve been using this for a few months, but now I really can’t live without it. Sally Cleanse is a 2% salicylic acid treatment cleanser for oily and spot-prone skin, created to be used for powerful exfoliation once every three nights and you can also use it directly on spots for three minutes to help them disappear.

So, if you have acne prone skin or suffer from a breakout from time-to-time, Sally is your new best friend… If you’re trying it out, just be careful at first, because salicylic acid is super strong – so start off lightly and make sure your skin actually needs it.

Adele Miner, Staff Writer

Doing: Arts & Crafts 

I feel like I say this most weeks, but I really love crafts! When lockdown 2.0 was announced a couple weeks ago, I knew I would need to make a few purchases to see me through the 6 weeks. So, I swiftly ordered the ‘Paint & Pottery‘ set from the company ‘Paint and Prosecco’ (don’t worry you don’t have to be 18+ to buy a kit too, it doesn’t actually include alcohol, despite the name!

I spent an evening over the weekend sculpting and painting some pottery with my boyfriend, I chose to go for a pumpkin ( I don’t want to say goodbye to spooky season) and my boyfriend made an extremely cute Baby Yoda. With the leftover clay I also made some small jewelry plates, not pictures, that I think I will give to people as Christmas and Birthday gifts, very wholesome all round I think.

Enjoying: TikTok 

This isn’t really anything new, I’ve been obsessed with TikTok since around March. But the vibes on my FYP this weekend were✨impecable✨. Seeing people in America, and around the world celebrate the US election results truly warmed my heart and brought a smile to my face. I’ve been particularly enjoying the ‘if this was a 00s movie’, and Joe Biden’s dogs content. Here’s one of my faves below! 

@storytime_with_fozzieMajor and Champ! See you both in 72 days!! 💙💙❤️💙💙💙💙 ##fyp ##RedBullDanceYourStyle ##petslover ##election2020 ##california ##petsoftiktok♬ Big Pimpin’ / Papercut – Jay-Z & Linkin Park

Getting: Out!

I’m lucky enough to have both the beach and Howth within my 5km limit. So, I’ve been making the most of that and getting outdoors with my dog for some autumnal walks. Of course, getting out and about isn’t quite as easy now as it was back in the last lockdown during spring, due to the weather and low motivation. But, at least once a week, usually, on the weekend, I go on a mini-adventure, and always feel much better for it.

If you have a park, beach, or any nice area to walk around where you live I highly recommend getting out at least a couple of times a week after school or on the weekend – plus you can treat yourself with a hot chocolate or cake if there’s a cafe on the way, so win win!