This Is What Team KISS Is Getting Up To This Week

We're getting our creativity on this week!


Welcome to the Team KISS list. We know that after weeks and weeks of lockdown, you’re probably getting a bit bored, frustrated even, and that’s totally understandable. While restrictions are lifting, we’re still not fully back to normal, so we’re kind of lost as what to do.

Team KISS is sharing some of our favourite things we’ve done/watched/used in the last week to give you some inspo and help you to get to know us better.

Megan Roantree, Editor 

Watching: Little Women

I saw Little Women in Cinema last year and there were just so many powerful moments in it that I loved (all from our gal Saoirse Ronan and Timothee Chalamet tbh). We recently got a smart TV and the movie was available to rent on the Rakuten TV app so I was thrilled. There is so much about it that I love, from the costume to the directing and the powerful acting. If you haven’t watched it yet, get on it.

Lusting after: Adidas leggings

It seems that tracksuits are going to stay part of my wardrobe forevermore. I’ve been switching it up with jeans and summer trousers for a few weeks but when we get back to the real world I want to have a nice pair of tracksuit pants to wear when actually leaving the house. The top of my list are the Adidas 3-stripe leggings. I’m in between moving right now and don’t want to send the delivery to the wrong place, so once I am settled into my new house these will be my first purchase

Doing: pressing flowers 

I wanted to make a scrapbook as a gift for someone and decided to add some pressed flowers to make it really special. I’ve been pressing flowers since I was a little girl because where I lived I was surrounded by wildflowers. We have a tutorial on how to press your own in you’re interested.

Doing: Nail art

Since taking vitamins properly over the last few months I’ve noticed my nails are so much stronger, which means they don’t crack and break anymore. This also means I get to have fun with some nail art. I’ve rarely been a nail salon girl and prefer to DIY. I’ve been playing around with different colours and tape to make some fun designs, and next up I’m picking up some cute stickers to create a star nail idea I have

Amie Edmonds, Staff Writer


All of the makeup, all of it! Usually, back when we were going about our regular days, I’d wear a full face of makeup. Depending on what time I had that morning, would depend on what’s on my face. Admittedly, I’d usually sleep in for as long as possible, but there’d still be a lot of makeup compared to some. Now, I haven’t been wearing makeup most days, maybe once a week if even. So lately, I’ve been putting a bit more makeup on and playing around with eyeshadows. I’ve gotten a bit too used to my non-makeup face, so I feel like I look a bit strange with a full face on. So now, I’m wearing a bit more and trying to get used to myself with a full face again!


Mini-concerts at home! Last weekend, and over the next few weekends, I had a few concerts and gigs lined up that I was so excited about. Obviously, each one has either been postponed until next year or cancelled altogether. So, instead of the day rolling around and just feeling sorry for myself that I’m not dancing around to live music, I’m getting dressed up and putting on whoever I was meant to see as loud as my neighbours will allow. It’s not exactly the same thing, but it’s better than nothing and plus, I don’t have the trouble of trying to get home afterwards too.

Looking forward to:

Now that we’re going into the next stage, I’m getting even more excited to do things that we haven’t been able to before. Obviously, it’s still going to feel a little strange and a lot of us will be more weary because things won’t exactly be the same. But I’ll be able to visit my ‘home-home’ for the first time since Christmas (the first couple months of the year were down to me!) see my dog, my friends, go out for a meal and I’ve even booked my first nail appointment since March. The excitement is almost too much.

Adele Miner, Staff Writer


DIY face masks! I’ve been DIY’ing skincare since I came out of the womb, I know the argument whether natural or chemical is better for your skin still rages on, but for me, it’s natural. Of course, when it comes to a good SPF, serums etc you just can’t make your own, but for things like face masks, exfoliators and toners, I think why bother forking out a tonne when you can just make your own. I recently shared a DIY face mask for blemish-prone skin over on our Tik Tok account and it works a treat, I’ve been using that mask since I was around 17 and dealt with acne and honestly, nothing calms my skin as much as manuka honey can, I would highly recommend it!


Katsu Curry! Very specific, I know, but I’ve been craving a Wagamamas since the beginning of lockdown so I took to perfecting my own Katsu recipe at home. I think after watching a lot of YouTube tutorials I have finally managed to get my recipe down. For me, the secret ingredient is adding a spoonful of honey and a dash of soy sauce to the mix! Loading your breadcrumb mixture up with spices and herbs helps to make the chicken super tasty too, honestly, Gordan Ramsy is quaking rn.


Booktubers (Book YouTubers). Very specific, I know. But, since lockdown began I have been making my way through my ‘to be read’ pile like nobodies business, which is great, but now I need to add new ones to it to keep me going. I’ve found a few booktubers that I really enjoy so I’m taking them up on all of their recommendations and adding them to my virtual wishlists. With both the Black Lives Matter movement and Pride Month happening in the world at the minute, so many incredible authors are being brought to the forefront that I would have never known about, so I’ve been snapping up lots of their novels before they sell out.

Here’s a list of my favourite booktubers:

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