This TikTok Contour Filter Is Changing The Makeup Game

How have we been doing it so wrong all this time?!

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with contouring?

When it’s done well, it’s the perfect way to add some definition to the face, but unfortunately, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ type situation, and that means it often ends up looking like a disaster.

Stepping in to give us a helping hand, TikTok has just released their latest filter, which is a ‘cheeks contour filter’, adjusting to your face and mapping out the places that you should apply contour.

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Sharing the magic behind it, makeup artist, Saffron Hughes, said that the filter works by measuring out your proportions to give you the perfect framework to apply your contour.

“The new ‘Cheek Contour’ filter on TikTok is a gamechanger. It outlines how to contour the face for beginners and makes it easy for pros to perfect their technique with cream contour. Fans who have tried the filter are shocked that the blue triangles, where you apply your contour, are so high on the cheekbones – it outlines approximately 2-3 cm above the ear”

Getting wind of the filter, it has already racked up thousands of reaction videos, showing people trying it out for themselves and pretty impressed with the end results. Even the queen of makeup herself, NikkieTutorials, got a whiff of the trend and hopped on board, sharing the results with her 15 million followers.


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Some people have raised their concerns over how high the filter tells you to apply the contour on your face, but Saffron says that there’s a very clever reason behind why it tells you to blend so high.

“This placement will lift your face and give you that ‘V’ line shape that chisels your cheekbones. After you have applied the cream contour, use a beauty sponge and blend up and out.”

“Remember we are lifting the face, and don’t want to drag the product down which creates that messy, brown splodge on your face, rather than a defined contour that’s brushed up and out.”

*Rushes to open TikTok*