This TikTok Hack Will Stop Your Sanitary Pad From Leaking

If you suffer from heavy periods, this is for you

Picture it, you’re sitting in class, you feel a gush of blood and you just *know* that you’ve leaked onto your school uniform.

It’s happened to us all, and it seems to wait for the worst time possible to happen too. But what if we told you there’s a very easy hack you could use to stop that from happening again?

That’s exactly what Alice Williams shared on TikTok. Taking two sanitary pads, Alice showed how you can protect yourself from leaks by placing one pad along your panty line and another at the back of your underwear.

“Some people have super heavy flows and need more than an overnight pad,” she began.

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Explaining how to do the hack, she continued:

“Place a pad on your panties like you normally would”

“Then get a second pad and place horizontally where your butt goes”

The pad placed on the back of your underwear can prevent leaks by collecting more blood than just one pad would.

Will you be giving this a try?