This Website Turns Your Fave Spotify Artists Into A Festival Lineup

Could you imagine Harry Styles AND Ari headlining?

Have you ever been curious about what your dream festival line-up would look like? Well, now you don’t need to wonder anymore, as there’s a website creating just that.

A website named Festify takes all of your most listened to artists on Spotify and transforms them into a festival lineup – headliners and small stage acts, the lot.

So, while it’s fair to assume that IRL festivals are off the agenda for this Summer, with this app you can create your very own festival in the comfort of your bedroom. Why not throw on some denim shorts and glitter too while you’re dancing around your room to the playlists, just imagine the cool TikToks you can get out of it!

Creating the virtual ticket is super easy, simply head to Festify here and link it up to your Spotify. Then you’ll have to decide whether or not you want the lineup to be based on your most listened to artists from the last month, six months, or of all time. From there you’ll be given your festival ticket.

People are getting on the dream festival hype pretty quickly, sharing their results on their social media and tbh – we’re wondering where we can buy tickets?

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