TikTok Just Announced New Mental Health Support Measures

Do you think this will make the app better?


TikTok is a place we can spend hours, from recipes to make up hacks and hilarious videos.

But as with all social media sites, there can be dangers when it comes to mental health issues.

Sometimes we can see things that upset or trigger us online and it can be helpful to have supports in place.

With this in mind, TikTok has implemented a new safety measure to focus on wellbeing.

In a statement from the app today: “While we don’t allow content that promotes, glorifies or normalises suicide, self-harm or eating disorders, we do support people who choose to share their personal experiences to raise awareness, help others who might be struggling and find support among our community.”

They explained that those who wish to share personal stories about their health should read their wellbeing guidelines which includes a toolkit to figure out if you’re ready or truly comfortable to share your story.

Earlier this year TikTok implemented a support for those with eating disorders so that when a user searches for terms related to eating disorders, they’re directed to the BEAT Helpline, are given suggested tools and directed to appropriate resources.

Now they’ll use support and resources from Irish eating disorder association, Bodywhys too.

Here’s what else they’re doing:

Expanding search interventions

When someone searches for words or phrases such as #suicide, TikTok will direct them to local support resources such as the Samaritans helpline, where they can find support and information about treatment options.

TikTok said: “Following consultation with independent experts, from last month we’ve also provided our community with content from our creators where they share their personal experiences with mental well-being, information on where to seek support and advice on how to talk to loved ones about these issues. These videos will appear in search results when searching for certain terms related to suicide or self-harm, with our community able to opt-in to view should they wish to.”

Strengthening  notices on search results

TikTok will also be updating its existing warning label for sensitive content. In the coming weeks, when a user searches for terms that may bring up content that some may find distressing, for example ‘scary make-up’, the search results page will be covered with an opt-in viewing screen.

Individuals will be able to click ‘Show results’ to continue to see the content. The opt-in viewing screens already appear on top of videos that some may find graphic or distressing, with this type of content ineligible for recommendation into anyone’s For You feed.